How Antimicrobial Coating protects your vehicle from harmful germs?

what is antimicrobial

The protection of vehicles from harmful and highly contagious microbes is important. If you have a car and you drive it almost every day to attend your office, help other family members reach their workplace, schools, and colleges, or visit relatives in weekends, you have to ensure travelling on the car is hazardless. Several surveys have shown that a car if not clean and sanitized regularly can be a source of more than six hundred species of microbes. These include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some of these microbes are extremely harmful to humans. If this is the reality, the best protection available to you is the antimicrobial Coating for vehicles. It?s a sanitization technology for your car but unlike the traditional sanitization process, you?ve not to bother for sanitization every other day. Antimicrobial treatment is a long-term treatment against the onslaught of harmful microbes. 

what is antimicrobial

Cleaning is not sanitization 

Many things two are the same. You are washing your car twice a week with soap and water, using disinfectant spray on the dashboard, doorknobs, and steering once or twice a week, do you think it?s sufficient? Be clear, these are not sanitization work. Washing with soap and water the body of the vehicle washes dust and dirt; it might kill a portion of microbes but that?s not all. 

The disinfectant sprays available in the market are mostly cleaners with a pinch of disinfectant in it. It can kill some germs and remain effective for a few hours. At the end of the day, when you drive back home, the car?s inner space might have developed millions of microbes already. So, don?t confuse cleaning with sanitization. When you are too busy day and night but you cannot ignore the hygienic factor of your car, you have to find a permanent solution. 

The antimicrobial treatment provides that coveted permanent solution. Once applied it keeps your car or any other vehicle germ-free for at least three months. That is why it?s called sanitization technology. 

Know what is an antimicrobial coating?

You have to call a professional antimicrobial treatment service for applying antimicrobial shield on your car, bike, or any other vehicle. This service is not just spraying an alcohol-based sanitizer and wiping with a cotton sheet or washing your car with soap-water. An antimicrobial shield is a clinically proven process to prevent otherwise unhindered growth of microbes on various surfaces of your car. It can even stop the rapid growth of highly contagious droplet-based viruses like SARS. The new generation of antimicrobial treatment is specially formulated chemicals with no side-effects. Moreover, these can be applied to any rough or smooth metal surfaces, polythene-based laminated surfaces, leather, rubber, and fabrics. That means every part of the car inside or outside can be protected against germs. 

Antimicrobial shield treatment is a sanitization technology 

When you will call a professional service provider for antimicrobial treatment of your car, the experts will reach your place with all equipment and solutions. You have not to share anything from your house. Their work process will be an experience for you. The new-age sanitization process is a sanitization technology that needs special equipment, cleaners, solutions, and skilled manpower. 

A fine coating that lasts for several weeks 

With the help of special equipment and sprayers, the experts treating your car or any other vehicle will create fine coatings on every surface of the car. It?s a special formula that remains firmly adhered to the surface for a pretty long time. If we talk about Germ Shield, it lasts for 90 days. The coating contains a specially formulated chemical that immediately kills all forms of microbes and doesn?t allow any new microbes to form on the surfaces where applied. A clinically proven antimicrobial treatment keeps your car germ-free for months. During this period, you can dust the surface as many times as you want following the instructions of the experts visiting your place.?

Antimicrobial coating for cars  

Germ Shield, as stated above, remains effective for 90 days. This state-of-the-art antimicrobial treatment kills 99.99% microbes. Thus, it immediately stops hundreds of species of disease-causing pathogens. Antimicrobial shield treatment has no side-effects. You can take children and elders in your car without any problem. As the shield is formed, microbes will not transfer from human bodies to the car and vice versa. It?s the best way of maintaining hygiene and stopping the spread of any contagious disease. 

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