7 Natural Oils You Should Use At Home For Optimum Skin-Care

With the growing age, our skin becomes dull, resulting in online searches in the quest for suitable skin-care solutions and products. Though minor skin-related issues can be treated with cosmetic products, pesky pimples, acne, wrinkles or skin folds require expert care to get eliminated. 

Numerous skin-care clinics offer anti-ageing treatments, skin peels and dermal fillers in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and different other cities of the United Kingdom. But, what if you don?t want to visit a skin-care clinic or are conscious of the adverse effects of cosmetic products available in the market. 

Various natural skin-care solutions and oils can effectively treat different skin-related issues. In this post, we will tell you about such outstanding natural oils. 

White Willow Bark Oil For Acne 

If you lose confidence due to pesky pimples or avoid social gatherings or parties due to acne, white willow bark oil is an apt solution for you. You might not have noticed, but most skin-care products include it as an ingredient. White willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid, and you can use it as a skin-soothing solution by mixing it with aloe vera gel. Moreover, if it is difficult for you to find white willow bark oil around you, look for natural beauty brands that include salicylic acid. It is an effective treatment to cure acne. 

Carrot Seed Oil For Sun Damage 

You might be using sun protection cream to protect your skin from sunburn, but there are still chances that your skin might have sun damage to some extent. To protect your skin from ageing effects caused by sunburn, you can use carrot seed oil that includes effective antioxidant abilities. It is a rich source of vitamin A which means applying carrot seed oil on your skin can give essential protection if the skin is overexposed to harmful sunlight. You need to keep in mind to use this oil during the night and don?t expose your skin to the sunlight after applying it. 

Date Nut Seed Oil For Dry Skin 

Date nut seed has been an effective solution to cure wrinkles, dry skin, dehydrated skin, dark spots and skin irritation for ages. This natural remedy helps the skin to restore moisture. Skin and hair can easily absorb it, so it won’t give you a greasy feel. Besides date seed oil, rosehip oil and sesame oil have similar properties as they can also help the skin to restore moisture. 

Sea Buckthorn For Rashes Or Redness

If you observe redness or rashes somewhere around your skin, apply sea buckthorn seed oil. Sea buckthorn is an edible berry found in the Himalayas around 10, 000 feet above sea level. Its seed oil is considered a potent skin-care solution that can prevent rashes or redness in the skin. This natural oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities, and it can be used for multiple benefits. You can use sea buckthorn seed oil as a moisturiser, and it can also soothe the burning sensation. 

Plum Oil For All Type Of Skin Care 

Plum oil is a daily moisturiser with anti-inflammatory properties. Our specialists say it softens and hydrates skin, safeguards against damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress and helps in cell repair, lubricant production, and skin transformation. Plum oil is generally useful to all complexions because it is a mild facial moisturiser oil appropriate for pimple-prone skin. Naturally, if your skin is sensitive to berries, you should avoid them.

Olive Oil For Skin Cleaning 

Olive oil does not often cause allergic responses, but choose extra-virgin olive oil for the best and safe results. Olive oil includes vitamins A, D, E, and K, and some study has shown that it may be used as a moisturiser. It is an excellent choice for an all-over application due to its thick consistency. For a clean that won’t dry out your skin, consider an olive oil cleanser or a bar of soap.

Almond Oil For Younger Skin 

Almond oil, which is obtained from crushed raw almonds, is high in nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and magnesium. It has a softer and smoother texture in comparison to olive oil and shea butter, something that you can apply to your face for natural glow and brightness. However,  sweet almond oil can cause adverse reactions and should be avoided if you have skin irritation.

Bottom Line 

Natural oils have been used for ages for skin and hair care. Century after century, many generations have praised their nourishing, protecting, and antioxidant potential. These basic skin-care solutions have frequently been ignored as the contemporary cosmetic and skincare industries have grown.