Historic Freshwater Beach, the Home of Australian Surfing

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Have you heard of the town of Freshwater? “Freshie”, as the locals fondly call it, is one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and is famed for the jumbled rock cliffs that form its boundaries as well as the fantastic surfing on offer at the Freshwater Beach, which holds a place of honour on the list of Australia’s top ten beaches!

The beach and the town of Freshwater adjacent are thought to have been named after a freshwater stream that runs down to the beach. The population of Freshwater is around 9,000 people, and the quiet little town is considered to be a wonderful place to live, if you are interested in doing so just check with Freshwater real estate for the current listings! If sun, sand, and the sea are to your liking, then this is the place for you!

The real draw of Freshwater is indeed the ocean saltwater beach beloved by locals and visitors alike. Here are some of the beach’s many alluring features:

Ocean Water Pool This delightful rock pool lies just a few hundred metres to the north of the surfing beach. The pool sports some terrific scenic views and is a great spot to get out of the sun for a while and enjoy a quiet swim in the shade provided by the cliffs.

Swimming The water during the summertime is pleasantly warm, but a wetsuit is advised in winter. Freshwater Beach is well protected from ocean swells and currents, but the big breaking waves the surfers love could sweep away a swimmer who isn’t paying attention!

Surfing Freshwater beach is well loved by surfers, and has a historic place in the sport as it is considered to be the home of the sport in Australia. The world sprint swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku was touring Australia in 1914. During his visit, he acquired timber from a Sydney logging firm and used it to build a surfboard similar to what he used in Hawaii, where surfing first began. On December 24th 1914 The Duke performed a surfing demonstration using the Hawaiian techniques in front of the eagerly watching press, which was only the second recorded attempt to surf the pristine waves beyond the break in Australian waters. The historic day is commemorated by a life-size statue of Duke Kahanamoku sculpted by artist Barry Donohooon on the northern headland.

Goodwill Beach City Agreement The Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club in partnership with the Warringah Council were signatories in a Goodwill Beach City Agreement with Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The ceremony was performed during Freshwater’s annual Duke Kahanamoku celebration. The agreement honours the historic ties that surfing fostered between the two communities.

The Harbord Beach Hotel – This local landmark opened in 1928 and lies 200 metres from the beach. It’s affectionately known locally as the “Harbord Hilton”.

For more information about Freshwater visit its official website. if Freshwater Beach sounds great to you, then come dive on in, the water is fantastic!


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