How to Hire an Android Developer for Your Project?

As per the statistics, you can determine that Android is the most prevalent mobile app operating in the world. And being the most used mobile OS, Android apps can offer extensive advantages to your business when you choose to have customer Android app development services.

Before asking how to hire an Android Developer, you may ask why you should choose an Android platform for your app development. To fade all your doubts away, here are some statistics to consider:

  • Android has more than 2.5 Billion active users spanning over 190 countries
  • Over 70% of mobile devices run on Android OS
  • Leading OS in the mobile OS market since 2012
  • Global smartphone users have increased more than 49% since 2017
  • 72% of internet users access the web from their smartphones, most of them being Android phones

But hiring the right developer for your app development project can be a challenging job for business owners. And therefore, to help you out, we have given here an extensive guide on how to hire an android developer for your project. Read on.

Guide To Hire An Android App Developer 

Necessary skills your Android developer should have

Android app development needs essential skills, extensive experience, and expansive knowledge to build stunning applications. So, you want to hire Android developers who understand your business requirements and have specific skill sets.

Moreover, they should possess technical know-how and have the ability to build an app that drives more sales by solving customers? problems. Here is the list of necessary skills you should look for in your potential Android app development.

Programming languages

Java and Kotlin are the two programming languages used for custom Android app development services. Android developers should be well-versed in these two languages.

They should be familiar with the core concepts of these two languages, including syntax, statements, loops, multithreading, concurrency, functional programming, and generics.

Android SDK

SDKs are a pre-built set of code that app developers can use and make the Android app development process faster. 

Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Kit) that supports various Android SDKs. As this is the most popular Android development IDE, every developer should know how to use it.

API Integration

APIs help users to connect with third-party services. I.e., you can use Google APIs to locate your users, help them find places, or integrate a map within your app.


Many apps deal with large amounts of data and interact with databases living outside your smartphones. Nowadays, developers integrate Firebase cloud services into their apps. But knowing how to work with SQL-based databases is still imperative.

Material Design

Material design is a guideline released by Google that helps developers design consistent UI/UX across the apps. 

Business processes and SDLC

Apart from all the technical knowledge, developers should understand the logic behind business decisions. This will help them identify vital features, plan the development process, and deliver apps that completely fulfil the business requirements.

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Decide on the tech stack for your Android app

Deciding on the tech stack is an essential aspect of the Android development process. And choosing the right tech stack is often a challenge for many business owners.

The right combination of tools and needs allows developers to build top-grade Android apps for users. Here are the factors you should look for before starting your android app development process.

Consider your business requirements

You will have to consider the type of your Android application (native, cross-platform, or hybrid), data usage, and hardware access. These factors will help you narrow down the technologies and frameworks.

Specify the goal of your application and monetization model

Whether you are building an app to support your business or want to solve particular problems your users have, if you are offering a subscription plan, you will have to consider them in your app?s functionality and design. And if the profit comes from advertising, you will have to make your app?s performance faster.

Determine the collaboration

You can build your mobile app through numerous collaboration models. You can hire freelancers, in-office developers, or outsource staff for your Android app development services.

Consider app security

If your app deals with personal information, you must strengthen the security aspect of your app and make it bulletproof against spies and hackers.

Think about integrations and compatibility

You want to think about third-party integrations your app needs before starting the development process. Furthermore, if you integrate an existing website or backend system, that might also affect the choice of tech stack.

Java for Android App

One of the oldest programming languages, Java is extensively used for custom Android application development. Its fully secured and high-end features help app developers create exceptional enterprise applications for web and mobile devices. Here is the list of pros and cons of choosing Java for your Android development

Pros of Java:

  • A large pool of developers
  • Easy to learn, write, compile, and debug
  • A vast array of learning resources
  • Numerous frameworks and libraries
  • Portable
  • Platform independent

Cons of Java:

  • Type-heavy language
  • Issues with non-nullable variables
  • Performance issues
  • Kotlin for Android App

Officially supported by Google, Kotlin is a new open-source programming language for Android development. Many larger organisations hire expert Android developers with Kotlin skills. The popularity of Kotlin became evident when legendary apps like Pinterest, Evernote, and Uber used it in their Android apps. Kotlin also has its pros and cost, which should be considered before starting the app development process.

Pros of Kotlin:

  • Concise and intuitive syntax
  • Fewer code lines and less time for development
  • Java-interoperable programming language
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reliable
  • Supports Android Studio

Cons of Kotlin:

  • Slower compilation speed
  • Limited resources and examples
  • A huge talent

How To Find And Hire Android Developers

Finding and hiring a perfect app developer can be a real challenge for business owners. You will have to consider many things when hiring a developer for your custom Android development services. Here is the guide you can follow to hire an Android developer for your project and make it successful.

Step 1: Assess technical requirements of your app development project

Compile all the business needs and tasks into a file. You can share this file with your potential employees instead of verbally telling them your app requirements when you start the hiring process.

Step 2: Select the suitable model

There are several collaboration models available, which you can choose according to your requirements. You can hire freelancers or in-house app developers. Or, as most businesses prefer, you can outsource developers. The last option allows you to access talented developers and complete your app development process faster without emptying your wallets.

Step 3: Conduct technical interviews

After deciding the hiring model, you will want to shortlist your developers or outsourcing partners by conducting technical interviews and checking portfolios and reviews. Previous client reviews are the best way to evaluate your prospective developer outsourcing partner?s technical ability.

Step 4: Finalise the agreement and sign the contract.

Once you hire an Android developer, you want to finalise some things before starting the development process. Discuss all the app development issues, set time frames, negotiate the time and format of your regular meetings, and ask for the cost estimation of your project. Moreover, you want to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreements and discuss other business-related security issues.

Summing Up

Android can be an excellent option for your mobile app development. But to make the best out of your app development, it is essential to pay attention to your developer’s hiring. Make sure to be clear about your business requirements.
Hire dedicated Android developers who have the necessary skills to complete your custom Android app development. Decide on the right tech stack that you will need to fulfil your app development needs. And follow a given guideline to make your developer hiring decision the best.