Creating a Healthy and Gentle Haircare Routine for Your Baby

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Do you like bald people? If not, you must be careful about the health of your baby’s hair.

Most parents are careful with the baby’s health but forget or become careless about hair.

Many skin-related issues like cradle cap can cause stop hair growth in babies and cause hair loss. Some babies are born with hair, while some come bald.

If your baby has long hair, it’s good news. If your baby is bald, you must be careful about good hair growth in the future.

Having long hair when born doesn’t mean your child doesn’t need hair care. Tangled hair can also cause issues in the future if your baby is born with long hair.

Also, hair care is not a short-term deal. You have to set a good schedule for your baby’s hair growth. That’s why we have concluded a gentle haircare routine for your baby.

It’s not about taking care of hair. It is all about baby’s hair and scalp because babies’ hair is five times thinner than adults’. So, you must be careful when dealing with babies’ hair care routine for growth.

Set up a Healthy Haircare Routine For Baby

When it comes to treatment, not all children can be treated equally. We all have different variations of skin, hair, and eyes. So, you must first check whether your baby needs special care or a general routine for healthy hair growth.

Many skin diseases affect hair growth, like acne, rash, or cradle cap, which develops yellow flakes on scalp and causes hair loss.

Before you set up a good routine for hair care, get rid of these diseases first, then create a schedule. Scaly patches, redness, and flakes on the scalp are very common in infants and can be treated with a cradle cap shampoo.

Getting rid of scalp diseases is compulsory before planning a daily habit.

1. Cleaning and Washing Hair:

For hair growth, hair must be clean all the time. If your baby’s scalp is dirty or the hair is smelly, wash the head or give a complete bath. It is also important to note that babies don’t require regular or daily baths.

In most situations, babies remain in the house, and the head gets dirty after a long time. That’s why you don’t need frequent baths for your baby.

Daily baths remove oils from the scalp and make it dry. That’s why you should avoid continual bathing. Once in a week or twice would be enough. If your baby is less than three months old, it doesn’t need a bath.

2. Use a Good Shampoo:

A bath is not enough when you want your baby’s hair to grow. Bath will clean the hair, but applying a good shampoo will improve hair growth. You can use baby shampoo for this, but if your baby’s scalp is filled with yellow, white, and crusty flakes, you should use cradle cap shampoo for babies to clean the scalp.

3. Use a Comb Gently:

After bathing your baby with a good shampoo, pat dry the scalp and use a soft brush to comb your baby’s head. To do so, use a cradle cap brush with soft bristles specially designed to comb out flakes.

It can also help you to deal with tangled hairs. If your baby is born with long hair, his hair might get twisted when he sleeps. Brushing hairs will help in straightening hairs.

It is important always to brush or comb gently. Don’t rub it hard on the scalp. Don’t comb the baby’s hair daily or too often.

4. Use Natural Oils:

Natural oils are necessary for hair growth and health. Oils like coconut, almond, and olive increase hair growth, making them shiny and strong. Apply any oil sparingly on the scalp and gently massage. Use your finger, but don’t rub hard.

You can massage more than once daily with natural oils because they are safe. You can apply oils on the scalp even if your baby is bald.

Ensure that oil doesn’t stay long on the head because it can attract dust and particles.

You can use these methods to ensure your loving baby’s good hair care routine.

Keep in mind that setting a schedule is not enough. Avoiding and curing diseases and situations that can lead to hair loss is important. Always clean your baby’s head and apply a shampoo.


Don’t wash the baby’s head frequently or comb his head hard. It can cause hair loss. Be careful when dealing with hair growth in babies because they have sensitive bodies and hairs.

Cover your baby’s eyes when using shampoo to avoid getting shampoo in his eyes.

Not all treatments have the same benefits and effects on every child. Some kids need special treatment and cures. If you are facing issues with your baby’s scalp or hair, consult a good doctor who can guide you according to your situation.

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