The healthcare system in the United States

healthcare system

Digital wellness is currently one of the most successful tech verticals. Here are 12 companies that are conducting cutting-edge research and providing ground-breaking services.

The healthcare system in the United States moves at a glacial pace, which can be frustrating for anyone involved, including physicians, patients, caregivers, and others stuck in the middle.

On the plus side, there is plenty of space for creativity, and entrepreneurs are recognising the potential for technical development in the healthcare sector. Here are 12 businesses that are revolutionising the way we think about and deliver healthcare.

Eternal Health

Evolent Health exploded in popularity around the time the Affordable Care Act went into effect, and it continues to expand at a rapid pace. Hospitals and healthcare providers buy software, consulting services, and information technology from the firm. The technology they’re using is called “Identifi,” and it collects and crunches relevant data about patients so doctors can treat them more effectively and at a lower cost.

Doximity :

Doximity is a physician-focused version of LinkedIn. Since its inception in  the organisation has grown to include 400,000 physicians on its platform, with the number continuing to rise. More than half of US physicians use the app as a safe forum to address topics with their colleagues as of December

Proteus :

Proteus Digital Health makes an ingestible sensor that you can carry with your drugs. The sensor is powered by your muscle, and it interacts with a patch that measures heart rate, heart function, and rest. All of this data is sent to your smartphone, allowing you to see how your body is functioning both inside and out, as well as how it is responding to medication. In addition, the organisation is developing a series of “digital medicines,” essentially a digital health network.

Perfint Healthcare .

Perfint Healthcare develops cutting-edge technologies, including robots for oncologists, or physicians who specialise in cancer treatment. Maxio is a robot assistant created to assist doctors in cancer diagnosis, care, and surgery. When it comes to detecting precisely where a needle should be inserted into a tumour, for example, the robot is more precise than a human. Robio is a robot that assists in tumour care and therapy, as well as drainage, biopsies, and pain relief.


Oscar is available in both New York and New Jersey. The business model for health insurance is being redesigned by the insurer. You use the app to explain your symptoms, and press to speak to a doctor about them. You can also display all of your appointments, medications, and medical records in a chart, and get health insurance quotes quickly. The organisation also compensates you for keeping track of your health and working against your objectives.

?Zest for Life

Zest Health is attempting to simplify the insurance process in the healthcare industry. The company provides 24-hour registered nurse concierge services, appointment scheduling for in-network providers, workplace communications, easy access to all of your health benefits, and a marketplace to make it easier to display and/or adjust benefits or get services when you need them.


Nanobiosym, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, creates portable diagnostic devices for HIV and other severe diseases. The business is attempting to place these devices in the hands of people in developing countries around the world in order to improve HIV diagnosis and care. The effects of an HIV test take two weeks in the United States, but months in other countries. Results can be delivered in less than an hour using Nanobiosym’s GENE-Radar device.

CliniOps is a company that is attempting to digitalize and transform clinical trials in order to make them more effective. It’s a programme that automates the submission of electronic documents and sends out updates to trial participants. It performs tests on patients, who can use a tablet application to upload images and videos to display progress, and then uploads the data to the cloud. Instead of waiting for the end of the experiment, it can examine patterns and issues with the study in real time.

?Make a good answer

RespondWell began as a fitness game for the Xbox. They wanted to join the digital therapy industry and developed the RespondWell Rehab Platform because it was so successful. The patient’s programme is provided via touch screen with the help of a virtual therapist who motivates them. The patient has the option of selecting their own music, therapist, and setting. The output data is then uploaded and analysed in the cloud. The system is HIPAA-compliant and has an EMR integration.


Augmedix uses Google Glass to push information to Electronic Medical Records, such as documents, images, and other data. It integrates with the majority of EMR systems, allowing doctors to focus on patient treatment rather than entering data into sluggish systems.


AdhereTech creates wireless pill bottles that store and transmit data in real time. It sends a warning, such as an automatic phone call or email, if a patient misses a dose. The organisation aims to improve patient adherence as well as the quality of clinical trials and testing in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, the technology is only available in pilots for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and hospitals to the general public.

Butterfly :

Butterfly Network employs a “modules, deep learning, and the cloud” approach to diagnostic and therapeutic imaging. That is, they are developing a small portable system to make medical imaging, such as MRIs and ultrasounds, much easier, cheaper, and smarter. To democratise imaging and get better, quicker outcomes, the company needs to recruit the help of other types of scientists, who can then use artificial intelligence to interpret the images and manage massive quantities of data in order to diagnose patients more accurately. The product will be released within the next year or so, according to the company.

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