Can I Use Normal Headphones for Gaming?

Can I Use Normal Headphones for Gaming

There are three types of headphones that are produced.  The kind that most people are familiar with is consumer headphones, which are used for everyday tasks such as listening to music, talking on the phone, watching videos among other tasks.  The second type is studio headphones, which are used professionally by studio recorders.  Finally, in more recent years, headphones have been designed specifically for the purpose of video gaming.  This has led many to wonder, ?can I use normal headphones for gaming??  

Several different aspects must be considered to answer this question.  Some gamers insist that their headphones are perfectly acceptable, and perhaps even better when playing certain games.  They don?t see the appeal of buying a completely new set of headphones just for their hobby.  Many assert that the high price alone is a reason that normal headphones should be used for gaming.  They do not see the appeal of buying gaming headphones in addition to normal headphones.    

Others, however, negate this.  They say that while gaming headphones were initially being developed, most models were indeed very expensive.  However, more affordable models are now available, making it possible to experience all the perks of gaming headphones for near the cost of normal ones.  This is why many people feel that the argument against gaming headphones is invalid.


Many people appreciate the many versatile features that make gaming headphones perfected for their craft.  Firstly, they come with a headphone, which is often detachable. This is essential for multi-player games that require verbal collaboration for a team effort.  However, this might not be the strongest point in the argument for gaming headphones.  This is because many point out that a separate microphone can be bought and linked up to normal headphones.  These microphones can be even higher quality than the microphones that come attached to gaming headphones. However, some still feel like it is more trouble than it is worth to buy a separate electronic for videogames.  


Secondly, true gamers often wear their headphones for hours at a time. They know that their headphones must be top quality to play as long as they need to.  Gaming headphones are designed with comfort and endurance in mind.  With these headphones, gamers can easily spend as much time as needed in their headphones.  This can also be a nice feature for other activities besides gaming, such as work and school.   


Another big selling point for gaming headphones is aesthetic.  Many gamers appreciate the colors, design, and bulky look.  This is especially important for gamers who live video stream their gaming experiences, or ones who record and upload their content to video platforms.  This aspect may be inconsequential to some, but to many, it is an important consideration.  

Noise Cancellation

A modern and important feature in gaming headphones is noise cancellation.  This is essential for focusing while in a critical moment in the game.  This also allows for video games to be a completely immersive experience and an escape from any outside distraction.  This feature is one of the most appreciated among gamers.  However, some point out that certain normal headphones also provide this feature, and it would not be worth buying another set of headphones that have this same feature. 

Audio Profile

Another vital feature of gaming headphones is the audio profile.  This means that the headphones are designed specifically to be compatible and enhance the sounds of the video game.  Not only does this make for a more enjoyable experience, but it can be an advantage in the actual game itself.  Hearing every detail can help in games of combat as one has to fight unseen opponents.  Some users don’t appreciate these finer details, but others say it makes all the difference.

Surround Sound

Specifically, gaming headphones include surround sound.? This feature aids in directional awareness during gaming. This is absolutely essential when playing games that require the player to fight opponents, seen and unseen, coming from all directions.? The fact that gaming headphones can make the difference in winning the game, many would argue that normal headphones are not up to par when playing video games.? However, those that do not see the appeal of gaming headphones point out that surround sound is a feature that can only be appreciated in PC gaming.? This means that only a portion of video games can truly appreciate and take advantage of this feature.??

When considering whether to use gaming or normal headphones, one must consider the features that they may be missing out on.  Gaming headphones can add to the experience, and even make all the difference to game performance.  All of these things must be considered when evaluating the cost of buying a new set of headphones.  However, ultimately the decision is up to the gamer whether or not they want to use normal or specialized gaming headphones.


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