Hammer Strength Machine And Squat Machine

    hammer strength machine

    Hammer Strength Machine:

    Hammer strength is the number 1 brand of plate loaded equipment in the world. It has been producing machines for the past 25 years. They are a name in the gym world because their machines are exceptionally good as it moves the way the body is meant to move.

    Benefits of training with hammer strength:

    Following are the benefits of training with hammer strength chest press

    Iso-laternal technology:

    Iso-lateral exercise is a technique that is used in strengthening a particular side of the body which allows greater independent strength. While the meeting and swerving arcs are used to build up our physical strength, because of this iso-lateral technology our whole body will have equal and balance strength.

    Well researched:

    Every hammer strength machine is very well researched and it is based on the actual movement of the human body. Gary jones is the creator of the hammer strength machines and he consulted chiropractors, athletes, sports doctor when establishing hammer strength. Its other main advantage is that the chances of risk is very low as compared to free weights.

    Free weights and machines combination:

    Qualities of both machines and free weight are present in the hammer strength. A person has the liability of choosing from multiple sections of effective training combination or carrying out simple workout routine with effectiveness.


    While doing free weights workout it is advised that you have a spotter to look out for you in case of an injury but that is not the case with shoulder gym machines, they are easy to use and you don?t need any help with them. Read more about my gym machine to get more information.

    Durability and comfort:

    It is difficult for a person to work with machines if they are not durable and comfortable. Hammer strength promises both. Its structure is quite stable and rigid and cannot be altered that easily.

    Machine for every part:

    Hammer strength has machines for all the main parts of our body like chest, shoulders, back, legs abs etc. along with the variations like inclined flat and decline. 


    Keeping in mind that all the hammer strength machines are well researched and risk free it is right to say that hammer strength machines do actually work and they are no joke. Especially that they are designed to move with the same movement as the human body moves so that the users feel comfortable. Also providing stable and rigid structure.

    Squat machine:

    So you?re deciding you should start building your body and doing squats at home because not a lot of us have time for a full-time gym membership in this busy world. But why should you really get a squat machine to do your squats? Well, a squat machine allows you to lift in a stable and steady position without being prone to the risks of endangering yourself. You can easily exercise different work outs merely by investing in the best home squat machine for you. Another plus point is that it allows you to increase and decrease weights according to your stamina. 

    Here are the best home squat machines in the market :

    1. G4-Max Sissy Squat Machine:

    This machine allows you to practice not one or two but three work out exercises with the squats, push ups and abdominal muscles making it an all-in-one trio package. If that doesn?t convince you then this beauty has an embossed board and a foam roller that allows you fitness that comes with comfort. You can set it up anywhere you like as it takes as little space as possible and refuses to compromise on durability as well. Moreover, it locks your feet in position and can easily hold up to 250 pounds without budging.

    2. Goplus 3-in-1 Multifunctional Squat Machine:

    Once again, the Goplus comes to rescue with its multifunctional purposed my gym machine that allows you to move forward with the regular work out exercises that many ordinary hack squat machine restrict you to and widen your options. It goes out of the way to make sure you not only target the usual muscles but any muscle that you want to of your lower body. The Goplus ensures foot locking with slip-resistant pads and plates for your feet while supporting up to 220 pounds. The Goplus also comes with an adjustable height feature that you can fix easily according to your own height.

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