What You Need to Know About the PSG Grant for Web Development

The Singapore government has always emphasised how crucial digitalisation is to maintain its successful economy. The world-wide-web made it possible for us to connect with others, despite the geographical distance between one another. 

More importantly, it gives way for our local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services islandwide and worldwide. Thus, digitalisation made our economy stronger than it has ever been. 

It is no wonder why our leaders brought forth the Productivity Solutions Grant or PSG grant. This special programme is the government?s support for entrepreneurs, especially those classified as having a small-medium scale enterprise, gaining access to digitalisation. 

What is PSG Grant?

Efficient services, real-time business communication, faster operations, and reliable connections within and outside your company are all thanks to modern technology. PSG grant aims to improve the business processes of many industries in Singapore by allowing entrepreneurs to invest in IT solutions to further their business.

According to Enterprise Singapore, these are the specific qualifications to be eligible for the PSG grant:

  • The business entity must be registered in Singapore.
  • There must be at least 30% local shareholding.
  • The group annual sales turnover of the company must not be over S$100 million, or the company size must be limited to 200 people.
  • The purchased or leased equipment must be used in Singapore.

Furthermore, the company must not have signed or purchased equipment from any third party vendor or supplier. Non-profit organisations such as religious institutions, charities, foundations, and government agencies are not eligible for the PSG grant.

Now, if you find your company fitting in the qualifications for the PSG grant, it is crucial to think about which IT solution you should include in your investment. The grant is the key to your company?s journey towards digitalisation, but there will be many doors to lead you there. One of which is website development. Here?s why you should consider choosing it as a gateway to success:

A Guide to PSG Grant for Web Design and Development

While the PSG grant gives you access to compete in the digital market, you should choose where to put your bet on the many IT solutions available in Singapore. Website development is one of these solutions and it can do wonders for your business if you choose the PSG grant for web development. Here are some of the key reasons why web development is essential:

  • Having an SEO friendly and user friendly website is crucial nowadays to compete in the online market. Your eCommerce website is your virtual store, and people must be able to locate and access it. Should you choose the PSG eCommerce website grant, you can team up with good SEO companies to manage your eCommerce website, make it rank on the first page of search engine results, drive organic traffic, and make your website design more user friendly.
  • The effects of the PSG eCommerce website design grant come a long way, far beyond any IT solutions can. While upgrading your IT systems will promote efficiency at work, it will not work to your advantage all the time unless you invest in the proper maintenance, which will turn out to be another expense. When you choose the PSG grant for web development, you will be able to enjoy a user-friendly website for a lifetime with almost 0% need for maintenance.
  • SEO is a crucial factor in having an edge when it comes to the digital market. While having an updated technology for your operations is important, getting your brand recognised in the virtual market should not be disregarded. Should you choose the PSG grant for web design, you will have better brand recognition and online visibility in exchange. It will drive organic traffic to your website, which in turn can add to your prospective customers or clients.
  • When talking about small and medium-sized enterprises, online popularity is very important. Many SMEs in Singapore can prosper by prioritising their online presence, and SEO can help a lot on this matter.

Since the PSG grant is a lifeline to support your business in a changing economy, the need to adapt and stay afloat from the competition is crucial to maximising the grant. Should you decide to choose a PSG grant for web development, the next step for you is to find the right company to work with.

Finding your partner

Your chosen partner to help you turn your website into a profitable eCommerce website is crucial to ensure that the PSG grant will not go to waste. While there are many SEO and web development companies out there that will claim to bring your website to your goals, not all of them are really worth the risk. Below is a guide on how to choose the right company for your PSG eCommerce web development grant.

Choose a company that offers complete services

Since negotiating with a third party vendor may revoke your eligibility for the PSG grant, you will want to have a web development company that offers a complete line of services. This way, you can enjoy an all-around website development experience with less hassle and while complying with the conditions of the PSG grant.

Invest in experience

Since this is a lifeline provided to support your company, it is always better to choose a partner with a wide experience when it comes to web development and website design. This will guarantee that your web development project will turn out to have positive results,

Look for recommendations

If you are an SME owner, it is also better to ask for recommendations from other company owners on where they placed their PSG grants. This way, you will get to trim down your choices to only those that are reliable.

We hope that this information helped you see how crucial the PSG grant for web design and development is to your business? success. For more information on the use of this grant to further your eCommerce website, kindly see our guide to the PSG eCommerce website grant.