A Must-read Guide on the Role of PHP in Web Development

PHP web application development

Approximately 76.8% of all websites are powered by PHP to some extent which makes it one of the most popular and opted-for languages for web development. If you are unsure about why PHP is important, you must check out this article on the role of PHP in web application development. We will also discuss the platform’s features to help you better understand why developers use PHP in web application development. So, jump right into it and get started with learning more about PHP as a great accessory.

PHP: The Glue That Binds It Together

PHP is similar to other scripting languages and focuses on connecting the user’s database to get information and then transport it to their web server that is to be displayed in HTML. However, PHP has other features that set it apart from other languages in today’s industry.  Some common features and basics of PHP are as follows:-

  1. Scripting Language: During runtime, scripting languages are interpreted by other software programs. These languages can be interpreted both server-side and client-side to ensure that it is rendered in HTML.
  2. Server-Side Programming: PHP is not a client-side scripting language and is processed by a PHP interpreter present on a web server. The result of the code is sent to the web browser as plain HTML.
  3. Open-Source Software: PHP can be downloaded and used for free which makes it a great development resource.
  4. Object-Oriented Language: PHP is an object-oriented language and leverages the concept of objects that have specific properties (i.e. values and functions). This makes complex web application development quite easy and seamless.
  5. Fast Processing: PHP utilizes memory that helps minimize server workload and increases performance, which makes it 195% faster than Ruby and 382% faster than Python.
  6. Simple to Read and Write: PHP’s syntax is easy to understand and learn, making custom development quite easy and effortless.
  7. Well-Supported : Since PHP supports all leading databases (for example, MySQL, ODBC, and SQLite) and most servers (for example, Apache and IIS), it is a great choice for development. It is also portable across other platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS).

PHP has eight data types used to create variables and is loosely typed which is why it is said to be a relaxed language and is largely preferred by developers. This is why a lot of developers prefer PHP and several businesses invest in PHP web application development in India.

What Tools Are Used by PHP?

PHP offers developers numerous utilities that can significantly enhance a developer’s coding process. There are numerous libraries and classes that help developers with debugging, testing, writing code, and profiling, among other tools provided. Some examples mentioned here include:-

  • For debugging – Xdebug, PHP_Debug, MacGDBp, Webgrind, and DBG
  • For testing and optimization – SimpleTest, dBug, PHPUnit, Selenium, and PHP Profile class
  • Security tools – PHP-IDS, Securimage, Pixy: PHP Security Scanner, and Scavenger
  • For utilities and classes – SimplePie, htmlSQL, HTML Purifier, and PHPLinq

How can PHP Benefit Web Application Developers?

When researching PHP’s function in web application development, you’ll find that there are a number of papers that have been circulating for more than ten years that argue whether or not PHP is no longer useful. If you haven’t guessed it yet, PHP web application development in India is still popular and important.

Although PHP lacks some features that new programs offer, it is continuously evolving and is well-documented, easy to use, and well-supported. Most web hosting providers provide PHP and since it is open-source, PHP helps with both the total development time and cost. PHP also gets faster and better with every release, which is why PHP development services in India are in demand.

Why are PHP Development Services in India in Demand?

Some common reasons why PHP development services in India are in demand are:-

  • Code completion – PHP offers automated code suggestions which makes development with PHP quite seamless.
  • Debugging – Since debugging is not an important feature of PHP, it is easy to add echo without recompiling the code.
  • Client-side features-Since CSS and JavaScript are always included in your code in one way or another, it is rare to use PHP on its own. 
  • PHP’s IDE offers a wide range of features that also contribute to the role of PHP in web application development.


PHP is quite important in web application development which is why PHP development services in India are so popular. We hope the above article explained the role of PHP in web application development and helped you better understand the program’s importance. If you need expert PHP development help, we recommend getting in touch with a company dealing in PHP web application development in India.