Guide for Colour Psychology

colour psychology

Wisely chosen colours can define your brand?s value, strengthen brand positioning, enable customer recall and make your brand stand apart among its alternatives.?

Every colour has a meaning behind it and carries a certain feeling which makes them all the significant.?

To be honest, colour is much more than aesthetic consideration. Research reveals that colour increases brand recognition by 80%.

Pondering why do big brands give importance to colours in attaining success? Fret not!

A1 Quality Packaging presents the complete infographic on the ultimate guide to colour psychology.

Colours are more than just a visual cue because they convey emotions, experiences and feelings. There are meaning, connotation and messages behind various colours.

Branding is far beyond than just merely designing logo of the company. Colour psychology says that colour of your packing products such as bags, Small or large cardboard boxes, Flips Boxes etc. can impact human behaviour and influence the buyer’s decision.?

However, the wrong colour choice could also hamper your brand?s message.? Your content and amazing call to action will be easily neglectful if you go with the wrong colour choice.

The colour or colour scheme you opt for your Storage Boxes or Bags must speak for audience emotional association and desires, and the valuable promise your business bring to those desires.

Always remember, right colour appeals to your target audience.

Scroll through the infographic to fetch more info about colour theory and psychology.?

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