Exclusive Features Of GrubHub Clone App To Upgrade Your Food Delivery Business

grubhub clone app

In this mobile-driven technology era, it is super convenient to place a food order and get it delivered right at the doorstep. Nowadays, ordering food online is like paying bills online, just a few taps on your smartphone and you get your order delivered. But, how does this entire concept work? So, If the entrepreneur in you is looking to develop a GrubHub clone app ? On-Demand Food Delivery App, you are on the right page to explore the details.

The Salient Features Of GrubHub Clone App Script

Below-mentioned is the must-have features to introduce in your food delivery clone app:

Quick signup

The food delivery clone app lets the user signup quickly via social media accounts, phone numbers, or email id.

Multiple accessibility options

The food delivery clone app should be accessible through the Android platform, IOS as well as its website. Thus making it hassle-free for the users to place orders.

Smart search for the cuisine

The app offers customers to search for their favorite cuisine and book from their nearest restaurants. Hence the app allows placing multiple orders from different restaurants in one go.

Delivery at the doorstep

GrubHub clone app turns their customer orders into a pleasing dining experience. The meals get delivered right at the doorstep. The clone food delivery app can be integrated with the COVID19 safety features. Thus, allowing the customers to choose their kind of preferred delivery. The delivery fleet is a dedicated one thus understand the commitment to deliver the order on time.

Be in touch with the delivery driver

The Grubhub Clone App comes integrated with the ?in-app? feature that allows the user to be in touch with the delivery driver in case there are specific instructions to provide about location, etc.

Sending alerts and notifications

With the help of the push-notification feature, you can send important notifications of promo codes and discounts, new launches of restaurants nearby, upcoming restaurants and bars, new launches of services, and so on.

The Work Flow Of GrubHub Clone App?

  • Signup and login into the app
  • The app screen then fetch you the list of the nearby restaurants based on the location you have provided
  • The advanced menu allows you to narrow down the search in terms of cuisine, price, location, ratings, and so on
  • Add the items to the car
  • Check out the order and pay
  • Get confirmation
  • The app will dispatch your order to the nearest drivers
  • The delivery driver accepts the order, it sends a notification to the user.
  • The user can check the status on a real-time basis
  • The app asks for feedback and ratings once the delivery completed

So, are you all set to grow your GrubHub clone app business? Witness an increase in brand visibility and see your app becoming the most popular food delivery app in the market.

Food Ordering App Kiosk

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