How to Select Suitable Granite Color for Kitchen

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Are you searching for quality granite and marble slabs? Do you feel confused because the market is full of many options and you don?t know which of them suits your needs? Today, we can help you choose a perfect granite color suitable for your kitchen. Thus, we can make your journey easier and you will have a hassle-free experience.

There is a great choice for you so feeling confused about getting the best color can be hectic. There are up to 200 granite colors and as they are all nice, be sure they will go well with your kitchen. If you are a first time granite shopper, then you may have various questions, so here we provide you with some important tips in order to make your choice as easy as possible. We are sure the tips we provide below will assist you throughout your journey.

Tip 1: The First Selection of Granite Can Be an Amazing Selection

Probably you have already visited many showrooms and dealt with different suppliers to find the best granite color that goes perfectly with your kitchen design as well as cabinets. Of course, you have already seen a number of colors and patterns in diverse shops. During your first visit, you may have seen such a granite color that caught your attention. On that moment you said ?Wow, this one can go so well with my kitchen and overall design of my house?. However, you go on searching for other colors and this searching process takes many days from you. Various shops offer various choices and the selection procedure becomes more complicated because you feel confused. Going from one store to another is just because you want to make a final and right decision at the end. However, you never forget about the first granite color that attracted you. That is why we suggest relying on your instinct and go for the first option you have seen. Very often, the first granite color that impressed you so much is the best ever choice.

Tip 2: Note All Glittering Granite Slabs Can Suit Your Taste

While searching for a suitable granite option, you may have come across various granite colors filled with a lot of glittery. Of course, you admire this glitter and want them to be installed in your house. However, you should remember that you are mom who is always busy in the kitchen making food for her growing children. Those women who spend much time in the kitchen making a lot of dishes should opt for quality granite options. Your granite should be hard enough so that it won?t be cracked and scratched easily by your active kids.

The granite that glitters is likely not the best ever choice for you. It?s also worth mentioning that Schist stones are really hard and prone to chipping. So if you have children and your kitchen is the busiest place in your house then we advise you to avoid buying glittery stones as they are not true granites. All reliable manufacturers always educate their clients and one such Granite Warehouse St. Louis is Universal Granite & Marble. Trustworthy companies always let their clients know about all advantages and disadvantages of using Schist stones in busy kitchens. UGM is also a dedicated marble supplier Detroit as well as Granite Warehouse St. Louis that makes sure your kitchen is in need the highest quality stone. Never think twice and choose true hard granite slabs for your kitchen that can stand the test of the time.

Tip 3: Don?t Rely on Higher Grades

As you enter granite stores, you will certainly come across granite options at different prices.  There are granite grades like A, B, C, D, to F. you also see that A grade granite colors come at more affordable prices that those higher grades. Perhaps, you think that F grade granite has the highest quality and that is why it is the most expensive one.

Here we should hurry up to say that these A,B,C?F grades are not about quality. Their prices differ but they don?t differ according to their efficiency. Wondering then what this grading is for? We are here to cover your question! Never think that, for example, F grade granite available at $100 per square feet is a more perfect option than this A grade granite which comes at $50. Such prices depend on their colors. So if the color is not available in sufficient quantities yet the pattern is really attractive, then that exact grade will be expensive enough. On the other hand, those colors which are available in large quantities and they are extracted from the earth without any problem, are less expensive than you could ever think.

So, we should state that higher grade is not about quality and durability. Remember, you can find lower grade granite colors which are not expensive and can stand the test of the time perfectly.

Tip 4: Whatever You See a Granite Slab May Look Ugly In When You Have It Installed

While looking for a stunning granite color, you may see incredible granite slabs that look like a piece of art. However, you should not forget the shape of your kitchen because the beauty of these awesome granite slabs may be sacrificed. For example, if those granite slabs look a beautiful painting, they will lose their beauty just because you have L shaped or U shaped countertops. So this means that what you see as a slab, you don?t get the same look for your kitchen. That is why we recommend discussing each detail with your granite manufacturer before making a final decision.

Tip 5: Choose A Reliable Fabricator

Just buying quality granite in your favorite color is not enough. You should also be careful in choosing the right team to have your granite slabs installed in your kitchen. Never think that when your granite is beautiful then anybody can install it. A trustworthy team always uses modern technology and ends up installing a kitchen that meets your demands.

If you are on the lookout for a wonderful supplier then look no further and let UGM take care of your needs as your reliable Granite Warehouse St. Louis. Just trust these experts who are also considered to be top marble supplier Detroitand you will enjoy their professionalism as well as affordable rates. Granite Warehouse St. Louis looks forward to delivering excellent granite slabs in a number of colors!

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