Everything You Need to Know About Google Discover and How It Helps Boost Your Website Traffic

boost website traffic

Ever since its launch, Google Discover has been immensely helpful in getting more people to visit a website. It shows personalised content to users based on what they like and do online. So, if you understand how Google Discover works and how an SEO company in Mumbai can use the right strategies to make the most of it to increase your website’s traffic significantly.

Keep reading to learn all about Google Discover and how you can use it to get more traffic to your website.

What is Google Discover?

Discover is a curated feed on mobile devices that delivers personalised articles and videos based on users’ searches and related stories. Users can further customise their feed by following topics of interest. 

While most people think of Google Search when they hear “Google,” there are actually two other important channels: Google Discover and Google News.

Google News is a news aggregator for desktop and mobile, showing content from validated media sources. In contrast, Google Discover tailors content to individual users based on their interests. For brands looking to leverage SEO properly, an accomplished SEO services in India recommends using Google Discover.

Launched in 2018, Google Discover quickly gained attention for its ability to drive traffic. Initially, it confused SEO professionals and content creators because Google Analytics couldn’t measure it. Hence it’s high time to understand the right impact of Google Discover and how it can help boost website traffic.

What Kind Of Content Appears In Google Discover?

Every top SEO agency in Delhi says that Google tailors the content in Discover for each user based on their Google account activity, such as past searches, viewed videos, interactions with news, locations, and followed topics. This means the feed is personalised to your interests, similar to a social media feed.

4 Key Strategies To Optimise Your Content For Google Discover

1. Monitor trending topics

Content related to current trends and breaking news is often featured prominently on Google Discover. To increase your visibility, create content around popular entities and topics. Content on Discover typically remains relevant for 24 to 48 hours. Articles may not appear immediately and could take up to a day to be featured. Use tools like Google Trends to stay updated on trending topics in different countries.

2. Focus on topical authority over keywords

According to SEO Companies in Delhi, traditional SEO relies heavily on keywords. However, Google Discover prioritises topical authority. This means creating content around entities‚ÄĒconcepts, characters, places, topics‚ÄĒthat align with your expertise and are relevant to your audience. Understanding the topics where Google recognises your authority can help you create more impactful content for Discover.

3. Craft honest and engaging titles

Ask the best digital marketing agency in Delhi and they’ll say that Google discourages clickbait in Discover. Your titles should accurately represent your content and entice readers without misleading them. Focus on creativity and clarity to generate compelling headlines that accurately reflect the essence of your content. Remember, your title is an essential part of content creation.

4. Use captivating images

Images play a crucial role in attracting clicks on Google Discover. Choose high-quality, visually appealing images that are relevant to your content. Images of delicious food, expressive faces, or intriguing scenes can grab users’ attention and encourage them to click on your content.

If you are a business owner and are looking to grow quickly using SEO, you can seek the help of an established digital marketing agency in Delhi. Remember, Google Discover offers a unique opportunity to reach a broader audience, so make sure to implement the right strategy. We hope that these tips help you make the most of Google Discover and boost your website’s traffic.¬†