4 Effective Ways To Generate Good Quality Score Using Google AdWords

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Before we move on to how to generate a good quality score from your Google AdWords campaign, we would like to have a brief discussion on � what is a good quality score?

People investing in Google AdWords campaign, often struggle with generating a good quality score. Same in the case of plumbers who have recently started marketing online. Perhaps you have noticed that we are constantly using the adjective �good� to define the quality score of the campaign. This is because to some extent having a quality score is an easy job but having a good quality score is a bit difficult.

A good quality score defines the rating obtained from Google based on the relevance and quality of the keywords used in the pay-per-click campaign. It also indicates that your plumbing website is doing well and needs no further optimization. When you hire the PPC management services in Delhi, these things are properly taken care of.

Now, let’s focus on the factors that need further optimization so as to generate a good quality score in Google AdWords. Are you ready to unearth effective ways? Here we go!

4 Immediate steps to generate a good quality score for your Google AdWords campaign

Learn about the responsible factors:

To generate a good quality score in your PPC ad campaign, you need to have sufficient knowledge regarding the factors responsible for this. The factors that influence your credit score are keywords, click-through rate, quality of the landing pages, user experience, ad content, and past performance.

From having strong market research on keywords to working on the landing pages and ad content, everything becomes easier when you gain a better understanding of these factors. To raise the score, monitoring and managing the above-mentioned factors is quite essential.

Target different ad groups:

Want to score well in your Google AdWords? One of the classic ways of attaining a bright score is by targeting different ad groups. Designing ad groups and targeting them for a successful campaign will lead to experience the benefits of search ads.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to create two ad groups or more. Each and every ad group should contain a unique set of keywords. There is no meaning in using the same set of keywords for different ad groups. This will confuse the users decreasing the relevancy of the ad. The prospective clients will find difficulty in getting the most relevant ad as per their desire.

Different keywords make the ad groups more logical and more effective. It allows users to find the most relevant ad group based on their search queries. Try this out instead of running an irrelevant ad campaign.  

Don�t avoid negative keywords:

Do you prefer avoiding negative keywords? If so, you have done a very big mistake. Besides positive keywords, negative keywords have their own set of benefits. In fact, such keywords when included in ad groups turn it much more effective than usual.

Negative keywords help the business to eliminate the unwanted audience from accessing the ad. They act as a filter to the ad making the ad more visible to the right audience. Suppose you are running a PPC ad on plumbing service. To avoid the viewers who are looking for DIY plumbing tips or plumbing videos, you can add negative keywords like �DIY�, �plumbing video� etc.

Negative keywords enhance the quality score by increasing the click-through rates of the ads. More the ads are visible to the right audience, more potential clients get connected to the brand. As a result, more clicks and more traffic are generated which definitely helps in improving the credit score.

Create quality landing pages:

Landing pages are responsible for converting the visitors into potential clients. If you have quality pages, you can definitely hold back the visitors and encourage them to turn up as clients.

Many of you get confused with the landing pages and website. According to you, the landing pages are nothing but the web pages themselves. But there you go wrong. Landing pages have a specific purpose to meet. For example, if you want your viewers to subscribe to your services, the landing page will have a subscription form. If you want your potential clients to hire your plumbing service, the landing page will be loaded with quotations. Likewise, the content of the landing pages depends on the purpose you want to meet by running an ad campaign.

The better the quality of the landing pages, the better is the score. Hence, make sure your landing pages have a good user interface, contain relevant content, and attractive enough to take some action.


Quality score is important to learn about the website performance along with the brand performance online. The figure helps you to determine whether your plumbing business requires any further repair and management. To figure out the features that negatively affect the business, evaluating the quality score is very necessary. Want to have a good quality score for your PPC campaign on Google? Take your plumber marketing company to the heights by hiring the best PPC service provider.


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