Golf Course Maintenance Equipment You Need the Most

Golf Course Maintenance

A golf course needs regular maintenance with highly precise machines and skilled hands. If your equipment is not capable of performing the job efficiently, the outcomes will be unexpectedly wrong. When you are assigned with the duty of maintaining such a large turf area, challenges will be more complicated than maintaining a personal garden or community park. The first thing you need to understand is the requirement of a golf course. It is meant for playing some of the most expensive games. Therefore, golf course maintenance equipment matters a lot more than cosmetic work. For every area of turf, you need different types of mowers. After trimming the grass, more equipment is required to dispose of the grass and maintain adequate growth. Here we are mentioning a list of equipment that you require more frequently. 

Golf course maintenance equipment that we need the most


Without golf course mowers, you cannot imagine a well-maintained turf for playing. The continuous growth of grass is one of the biggest issues to handle. You have to run mowers on a regular basis to maintain a perfect height in all areas including rough, greens, fairway and tee box. Both reel and rotary mowers are necessary to perform the mowing task. A golf course of 18 holes occupies around 70 hectares of land. Here half of the area should be well maintained. It means you have to run a golf course mower on more than 35 hectares of land. It is a time-consuming task and requires powerful machinery that works precisely in every area. 

Utility vehicle 

The utility vehicle is not a golf course maintenance equipment but you need it more frequently. As we already mentioned above, the golf course occupies around 70 hectares of land. For the maintenance of turf and hazards, you need different types of small and big equipment. Transporting them on feet is not a feasible approach. You need at least two utility vehicles for transportation purposes. Make sure that the utility vehicle you are buying has adequate space and power. 

Blower, sweeper and vacuum

After you trim the grass from the entire field of the golf course, its disposal is also necessary. Here comes the role of a blower, sweeper and vacuum cleaner. You need 3 of them to clean the surface efficiently. If the particles remain behind, they build up a layer that creates difficulty in new shoots growth.


Even after using a sweeper, blower and vacuum, still, some particles remain behind. Gradually they turn into a layer called thatch. This thatch acts as bio compost in limited. If the thickness of thatch increases, grass cannot grow properly. 

Apart from these for frequently required equipment, you need the complete fleet including bunker rake, roller, aerator and sprayers. 

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