Why Is A Gojek Clone App The Ultimate Solution For Entrepreneurs?

Gojek Clone

The Gojek clone app is one of the most popular apps in the world. It allows users to hire service providers on demand instantly, thereby, making retainers obsolete. The concept of on demand has been around for a very long time. However, with the advancements of the smart phones the whole industry of the on demand services has changed tremendously. 

What is the Gojek Clone?

The Gojek Clone app is a common ground for users as well as service providers. Service providers can sell their services at rates that suit them, while users can make informed decisions about who they should hire for the tasks at hand. 

The app offers a convenience that hasn’t been seen before in this industry. While it is true that the Gojek Clone app was originally started with the idea of starting a taxi app in Indonesia to empower users to find and hire bike taxis easily, the app soon realised its potential and evolved into a much more complicated application that has various sections and services diversified across them. 

Let us look at the various services within the Gojek Clone app:

A. On demand online taxi booking application

This section allows users to hire a taxi using the app. The taxi can be in the form of a bike, hatchback, sedan, or even an SUV. The users can make the selection on the basis of their budget and their requirement. 

B. On demand online parcel delivery service

Using this service, the user can send across parcels from one point to another. The users can send across anything ranging from an envelope to boxes of bricks. The users can also choose to send across the parcels from one place to another or from one place to multiple locations as per their requirements. 

C. On demand online store based delivery

This section is probably one of the most interesting part of the Gojek Clone app. With the help of this section, the user can buy items on the app and then get them delivered to their doorstep. The various order and get delivered services within this section of the app include:

  1. On demand food delivery from restaurants
  2. On demand grocery delivery from grocery stores
  3. On demand flower delivery
  4. On demand pharmacy items delivery
  5. On demand baked goods delivery
  6. On demand bottled water delivery
  7. On demand alcohol delivery
  8. And much more

D. On Demand Service Provider for hire

Using this section of the app, the user can hire service providers as per their requirements. This means that the user does not have to depend on a single service provider but can hire any service provider offering their services within the area that the users resides in. This part of the app allows users to hire service providers such as:

  1. On demand doctor
  2. On demand beautician
  3. On demand electrician
  4. On demand plumber
  5. On demand car wash expert
  6. On demand tow truck
  7. On demand dog walker
  8. On demand baby sitter
  9. On demand snow plough
  10. And so on and so forth

E. On Demand Delivery Genie

This is a section using which the users can hire a specialised delivery agent who can get anything you want from anywhere. So, for example, if you want forgot your charger at home and need it at your office, you can hire a delivery genie to run and bring it for you. 


Having so many features and various different aspects to the Gojek Clone app has become one of the most important apps in the multi service industry. Since the app caters to just about any and all kinds of requirements that a user might have many people are turning towards it. 

Ensure that you only purchase the Gojek Clone app from a reputed and reliable on demand mobile app development company that has at least 8 to 10 years of experience in building and launching apps on the Google play store and the iOS app store. On the whole, the Gojek Clone app can prove to be an extremely useful and successful business proposition so make sure that you take the plunge now.


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