Start Your On-Demand Business With The World?s Biggest And The Most Reliable KINGX 2022 App

Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 is the World?s Biggest App that provides its Users to take advantage of Ultra-Modern Features and book Desired Services on the go. From a Stack full of Services, a handful of them are ones that most people may have already used such as Online Taxi Booking, Food Ordering, Grocery Delivery, etc. The only difference is that we may have downloaded and installed individual Apps for each of these Services. However, with this Gojek like App, one would never need to turn to other On-Demand Apps.?


No matter which On-Demand Service you provide off the Internet, you can Get Online, provide the Same Services and enjoy benefits like: 

  • Expand your Operations to a Wider Audience.?
  • Earn more by offering your Services Online and Offline.?
  • Enjoy an Autonomous Business
  • Cultivate Loyal Customers?
  • Create direct Communication Channel with the Customers?
Gojek Clone


It is a reliable Solution for both the App Users and the Service Providers because everything Process is performed in a Transparent way. From Registration to hiring a Provider, making Payment, and submitting Feedback, everything happens ONLINE. Let?s see some examples of Simple, Reliable, and Transparent Features of Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022.?

Easy Onboarding Process

Users/Providers Registering on the App have to follow simple Steps. To Register, you have to Add your Mobile Number, enter OTP sent on SMS, Fill in your Name & Email Address, and hit the Proceed Button. 

Safe Login?

iPhone Users can use their Face ID and Android App Users can use Fingerprints to Login into the App. This ensures that people don?t misuse the App. To Activate Smart Login Feature, go to Account Setting in your Profile.  

Internal Calling & Chatting through the App?

The In-App Chat Feature lets the Gojek Clone App User and Service Providers such as Taxi or Delivery Driver to communicate over texts. The User can chat with the Provider until the Job Begins. Similarly, with VOIP-Based Call Masking, the Provider and User can talk over Voice Call without exchanging their Personal Numbers.?

OTP Verification to start the Job?

After the Service Providers like Plumber, Beauticians, Massage Therapists, etc. arrive at the Service Location they?ll have to enter the OTP. This OTP is sent to the User?s Registered Mobile Number and Email Address. Only after the User provides the 4 Digit Numeric Code, the Service Provider can start their Job. 

Other than its Simple Features and Reliability, this App also offers Protection against Coronavirus. 


Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 provides all its services by following stringent Covid-19 measures. Some of the Corona-Related Features are:??

Safety Rate the Delivery Driver?

After the delivery is done, the Users can safety rate the Driver by answering Questions like: 

  • Was the Delivery Partner wearing a Mask? 
  • Was it a Non-Contact Delivery? 

Safety Standard Verification?

This option is available in On-Demand Food Delivery Service. The App User can check if the Restaurant or Store is following WHO Issued Safety Standards or not. The Restaurant can explain their Precautionary Measures as well as upload pictures of their Clean Kitchens, Regular Temperature Checks, Staff and Chefs wearing a Face Mask, Hand-Wash Stations, Safe Packaging Process, etc. 


Are you ready to see yourself Star on the Cover Page of the World?s Top Most Business Magazines? Do you wish to become a Successful and Famous Millionaire in 2022? If yes, then Launch your very own Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022.?

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