Gojek Clone App: An Amazing On-Demand Multi-Service App Script

Smart Entrepreneurs can now set up their own Multi-Billion Dollar Companies. How? By opting for a KINGX 2022 Blaster Script! This App is the Big Brother of Gojek Clone 2022, which means, it has more Features, more Services, and a much more Powerful Interface.Needless to say, it is the Ultimate Profit-Making App of the Century! 


Opt for this Blockbuster App from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm and Launch your very own KINGX 2022 in just 1 ? 2 weeks. The Firm needs only a handful of days to Rebrand its Base App and Website with your Company?s Name and Logo. The Firm will happily integrate your Preferred Language so that the Users and Providers can easily Browse through the 70+ On-Demand Services on the App and utilize them. They will also integrate Local Currencies and the Payment Gateway of your choice!

Well, to Go live with your own App, you?ll first have to get the Package! With the Purchase of the Multi-Service Package, the App Owner will get a number of Mobile Apps, Kiosk Apps, and Web Panels. 


The User App

The White-Label KINGX 2022 Script Package includes iOS/Android Mobile User Apps, Kiosk Apps, Web Panels, and iWatch App for Booking Taxi Rides.

The Newly Added Features of these Apps are:

  • New Login Methods

The Two New Login Methods are ? Face ID for iPhone Apps and Fingerprint Scanning for Android App. Thus, the App Users no longer have to remember their Usernames and Passwords to Log in. 

  • Online Video consultation

Gojek CloneUsers can now Book a Video Consultation Session with Doctors, Academic Tutors for their Kids, Lawyers, Yoga Instructors, etc. The Video Call can be conducted via iOS and Android Apps only!

  • Service Bidding

Users can hire Service Providers like Carpenters, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, etc. by simply posting a Job on the App. This Feature allows the Providers to Bid for the posted Job. The App Users can select the Service Provider based on their Ratings & Review, Portfolio, and Service Charges.

The Driver/Service Provider App

With the Purchase of the Script, the App Owner will get iOS Apps, Android, and Web Panels.

The Features that will come along with the App are:

  • Providers can Upload Videos in Gallery

Service Providers can now Upload Videos along with the Photos of their Work in their Portfolio?s Gallery. For example, a Carpenter can upload a Video of their newly built Furniture; Beauticians can add a Video of their Service Treatments, etc.

  • Back-to-Back Trips

This Feature allows the Drivers to get new Ride Requests while they are still on a Trip. Thus, the Drivers can now Earn More while spending less time waiting!

  • Driver Reward feature

This is more like a Loyalty Program, where the Drivers can get Badges/Levels by providing Good Services to more and more App Users. Thus, based on the achieved Badges/Level, the Gojek Clone App Drivers earn Rewards!


Get the Gojek Clone 2022 Script and get all the amazing Features along with the 70+ On-Demand Services, all under One Roof. To start raking in Profits from Day 1 of the App Launch and gain a Market Edge in just a blink, connect with a White-Labeling Firm. 

The Sales Representative at the Firm will walk you through what KINGX 2022 is and how you can get it without any Trouble!

So, call the Experts Now!

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