5 Types Of Hair Extensions To Get Long & Thick Hair

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“Long hair empowers a woman and makes her feel beautiful and unique.” – Garcelle Beauvais.

A woman’s best accessory is long, thick, and voluminous hair! But everybody is not naturally blessed with long and thick hair. What to do, then? Fake It Till You Make It! This is when “Hair Extensions” come into the picture! The best way to get long and luscious hair instantly is to have hair extensions. 

It is expected that the global market for hair extensions will grow at a rate of 8.2% and will amount to $6.3 billion by 2031. With the hair extensions market growing at lightning speed, there are multiple advancements being made in the industry, and it gets challenging to choose the best! So if you want to get hair extensions, read the blog and learn about the different types of hair extensions, you can choose from!   

1. Tape In Extensions 

One of the most common types, Tape In Extensions, is a tape weft attached with a medical-grade adhesive spread over an inch-long strip. The wefts are then attached to the hair without the use of any external heat or damage to the roots. Tape-In Extensions Jacksonville provides the best procedure for installing hair extensions and has an easy removal process too! These types of extensions are the best for thin hair as they add extra length and volume to the hair. 

2. Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you look for the most effortless hair extensions to install, you will find Clip-In Hair Extension as your search result. This is the easiest and most convenient way to add extra lengths to your hair. This type of hair extension has a hair weft attached to a clip, which is then attached to the roots of the natural hair. This type of hair extension is extremely easy to manage and quick to put in. 

 3. Microbead Hair Extensions 

Microbead extensions are attached to each hair strand with the help of a microbead (a metal ring) attached to the roots of the natural hair. This intricate procedure of attaching the microbead to a small strand of hair is what makes it look extremely natural, just like your own hair. This long-lasting procedure requires about 2-3 hours to install and lasts about 3-4 months. Installing microbeads does not require any additional heat and chemicals to installations, so the damage to the natural hair is minimum. 

4. Fusion Hair Extensions 

A semi-permanent procedure to get long and thick hair is fusion hair extensions. These are a little complicated to install and remove, but they give natural-looking, long-lasting results. Fusion hair extensions use glue to attach the hair extensions to the roots. The bonding agent in this type of hair extension is keratin which is attached to the hair, which is attached to the hair without causing any damage. Hot glue or a cold fusion method is used to make the bond between natural hair and the hair weft. This type of extension blends well with natural hair, providing a seamless look. Fusion hair extension is the best pick if you are looking for a long-lasting hair extension solution! 

5. Halo Hair Extensions 

The best fix to add extra length and volume to the hair is using Halo Hair Extension. This is the best, non-invasive, and least time-consuming process to get long, thick hair in a few minutes. A Halo Hair Extension includes artificial hair attached to a thin, transparent string that can be worn around the crown area. The transparent string becomes invisible, and the hair strands blend with the natural hair seamlessly to give a natural look to the hair. 

So, whenever you feel low on confidence, have a board meeting to attend, or rock at a party, all you need is a little extra length and volume for the hair! The different types of hair extensions can improve your appearance and give you the desired result to make a statement! Get ready to rock the world with hair extensions! 

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