How to get started with video marketing

    How to get started with video marketing

    With the arrival of the 2021s, the promotion strategies of entrepreneurs, firms and products on online platforms are anchored to video marketing. Therefore, it is essential to know the basic guidelines to obtain the best results in audiovisual dissemination campaigns in these times of social media video marketing.

    In fact, one of the phrases coined in today’s digitized slang is “if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist.” It should be added, “in the world of content, video marketing is king.

    What is social media video

    Nowadays, the contents of audiovisual guidelines are designed for social networks. Why? The answer is very simple: (despite Internet users’ supposed privacy protection policies) it allows a selective strategy of potential customers. It goes directly to the target of the promoted product. Therefore, the probability of success is greater.

    It is at this point that the term ?social media video? arises. This is a type of video created specifically for its promotion on social networks. Best of all, there is currently something called an online video editor, designed to produce good quality audiovisual content. These are accessible tools (FlexClip, Clipchamp or Vimeo, for example) without leaving the internet browser.

    Why should you do Video Marketing

    Video marketing can only be expected to continue in vogue for years to come. According to portals such as Hootsuite, 80% of social network users prefer to watch videos instead of reading content. Similarly, at least one hundred million online users spend between two and three hours a day watching videos.

    More than half of the Internet users who know a brand of their liking through social networks end up visiting the main page of that firm. Twitter posts with videos receive three times more comments, reactions, and retweets than those without videos.

    Video marketing and its exponential is growing. According to the portal Statista-only in the United States- more than 85% of Internet users viewed videos on their mobile devices or smartphones. More than 50% of consumers consulted in social media surveys welcome audiovisual content related to the brands or products followed by them.

    In Europe and the United States, approximately nine out of ten entrepreneurs use video as a career advancement strategy. When consumers are shown on the same page content with video and others with text to provide information about a product, 72% of them choose content with video (Forbes, 2018).

    How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

    The consultants claim that the most recent video marketing strategies are aimed at Instagram. The latter, of course, for being the most popular platform today. Furthermore, once placed there, the publication of the same promotion on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp can be automatically scheduled. Thus, a wide spectrum of users connected at once is covered.

    The choice of the video editor is key.

    Making videos whose premeditated content is Instagram does not imply that the same video cannot be used on YouTube. For this reason, the versatility of export formats of the chosen video editor is emphasized. Well, between YouTube and Instagram, there are some differences in framing and presentation. 

    Then how to choose a good video maker? Primarily, a good online video editor should allow exports that are automatically integrated into any social network. In this way, the person does not waste time uploading a video of their brand or product on the selected platform. Likewise, an online audiovisual editing software must have the following qualities:

    • Transition effects and animations.
    • Templates – either integrated into the editor or imported from the network – text and implement special effects.
    • Editing panel to apply cuts, cuts, insert audio, filters and transitions.
    • Rendering window to check the status of the video being edited.

    However, as of 2021, YouTube incorporated a stories section within its interface. As in Instagram, the framing is vertical. On the other hand, Instagram was not far behind with long-term formats that allow speeches or descriptions of unlimited time (IGTV channels).

    Tips for making videos

    It would help if you grabbed the customer’s attention very quickly “Very quickly” means in a maximum time of 5 seconds. It might seem like an exaggeration, but it is not.

    1. Be attractive

    A successful video marketing strategy must be able to catch your potential customers while they scroll on the screen of their mobile device. This is due to most users’ typical “voracious” behavior on networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

    1. It must contain subtitles

    Generally, users keep their device’s audio turned off while browsing social media. It is a logical question. No one wants to be impertinent at work or a family gathering. Then, the elaborated video must integrate subtitles at the same time as the description expressed. Otherwise, the user will not understand the content while scrolling.

    1. The headline and typography are also very relevant

    Any additional relevant and eye-catching information that can be provided in a short time to the user should not be overlooked. Accordingly, the statements placed at the bottom of the video must have one or more of the following features:

    • An attractive slogan.
    • A suggestive or charming phrase.
    • An interesting description.

    Obviously, the criteria on which elements could be attractive or not depend directly on the type of people ( target ) to whom the video is directed. Additionally, even the line corresponding to the location of the publication can be modified to reinforce the intention of the video.

    To sum up

    It is clear that video is the future of marketing and your best ally when it comes to promoting your company, positioning your product or service and improving the quality of Marketing you are doing. Show how your company started, how it grew, what difficulties it went through, invite your users to give you ideas.


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