How Gemstones Can Change Our Lives

Every element of nature has its own identity, characteristic feature and healing power. Some rocks are co-related with a specific purpose. Gemstones are the pieces of crystals used in jewelry like rings, diamond bracelets, pendants, etc. They are lovely, and their prices are very high. 

They are known for their beauty since very ancient time. They have several properties due to which they attract everyone. One of the properties of Gemstone is its lovely color. Some gemstones are without any color, but they are still attractive due to their shape and shine.

Do you know that gemstones have different color and luster and sun being the source of all energy also affect human beings? In science, there is a prism, and when the sunlight passes from that, it converts the sunlight into nine colors in which two colors are invisible – ultra-violet and infrared. Thus, the spectrum of nine colors is understood as the cosmic matrix and is the essence of nine planets.

These colors are very similar to the gemstone colors. The nine planets are associated with these colors, and the stones prescribed are also in accordance. The surprising fact is that the wavelength of these colors is very similar to the ones in gemstones.

In this present world of technology and advancement, no one is agreed to believe in gemstones. Most of us think that how a small piece of stone can change the life of a human. On the other hand, some people agree with the statement that gemstones can change a life. They can change the destiny of a person. People wear stones, strings and many other things like this. These objects, if they believe in them, are being taken as a source of inspiration. 

They help improve ourselves in terms of physical and mental strength. They can be regarded as sources to improve our deficiencies in terms of will power, health, confidence etc. You cannot directly expect that wearing a diamond or sapphire or amethyst jewelry would instantly transform you like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

They can certainly assist you as a power source behind, but you cannot expect wonders in your lives. You must have proper knowledge or guidance before wearing any gemstone to have a sound effect associated with it.

All depends on one’s belief and personal experiences. Wearing a favorable stone may bring some positive results in one’s life. But, wearing unfavorable Gemstone will affect one’s way of life, and in some cases, the native’s health is concerned. In other instances, the native is incurring substantial financial losses.

It is better to choose the Gemstone after consultation with a gem expert or an expert in astrology if you have an interest and belief in Gemstones. As per Astrology, planets influence us. Gems are also supposed to help rectify planetary afflictions or help improve planetary strength’s.

The Blue sapphire gemstone is considered the most potent and fast-acting jewel. It is advisable to wear Blue sapphire (Neelam) to calm Planet Saturn’s harmful effects and ease the pain. People consider it to be the second most beautiful gem after diamond. Here are some benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone-

· The mind is not disturbed after wearing a blue sapphire.

· It is believed that wearing sapphire increases knowledge and patience.

· Sapphire produces sweetness, discipline, and humility in the speech of the wearer.

· It is also believed that people who suffer from stress and anxieties must wear sapphire.

Now the effect of such stone depends purely on belief and trust. Without trust, recognition of impact is not possible. Beware of cheating in the purchase of Gemstone. Better to study yourself about the stone with the use of the internet.

In my opinion, there are other variables as well and not gems alone that could help. We have Free Will, Divine Will, and many other unknown variables like Gemology which can influence our lives. The complete equation is not understood. So we can only put in our efforts and leave the rest to God as he alone knows the whole equation of what, to whom, and how much should he give and when he should give.


Gemstones indeed affect and improve health and fortune by wearing them. It also helps to improve our health, career, wealth, fortune, relationships etc. But an essential point is the Gemstone that you are wearing should be 100% Pure and Natural.

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