Gasoline or Diesel Engine?

    Diesel Engine

    Should you choose a gasoline or diesel engine?

    Although hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular, most buyers still opt for a diesel or gasoline vehicle. How long have you struggled trying to decide whether your next iron horse is going to be a gasoline or a diesel one? Especially recently, with the development of technology more and more erases the difference between the two and old beliefs are no longer valid. We decided to make your life a bit easier and do a little comparative analysis.

    Before you start looking for a car, it is important to know for what purpose this car is purchased, and also a car with which engine – gasoline or diesel – will better cope with your needs and will bring you joy from the ride. In addition, it should be understood whether a low purchase price means savings in the longer term.

    Fast driving around the city or calm driving on the highway?

    If your travel is usually limited to city limits, then a gasoline engine is the one for you. In order to get the most out of a gasoline car, you need to confidently squeeze out the revs and quickly switch gears. Diesel cars, on the other hand, are strong and capable of climbing rather steep slopes even with a very heavy load. Diesel vehicles are suitable for highway driving and long distances. Even when driving fast, their revs are lower and the speeds are switched less often. A gasoline car accelerates faster from zero to a hundred, but a diesel one behaves better when overtaking and its towing capacity is higher. Only increased vibration and noise level speaks against a diesel engine, however, the newer the car, the less noticeable this difference. 

    Purchase price vs fuel consumption

    Diesel cars are more expensive than gasoline cars, but they save on fuel. This is one of the factors to remember when buying a car. It is worthwhile to do some calculations and study the fuel consumption figures – they depend on whether the car moves in the city cycle or is driven more often on the highway. The longer the distance traveled by a diesel car, the faster the additional costs incurred when buying it will pay off, because diesel fuel is usually cheaper (except for the winter period) than gasoline. In addition, the diesel engine runs at lower rpm and uses less fuel – 15-20% compared to a gasoline engine. This saves not only money, but also time, because you can drive more on one tank and you will need to stop less often to refuel. In this case, it is worth remembering the popular opinion,

    Repair, maintenance and subsequent sale

    Depreciation threatens the owner of the car with the greatest expenses, so the cost of the car in case of subsequent sale plays an important role here. When buying a diesel car, it is more expensive due to the complexity of the engine and the presence of additional systems – the pressure is higher here, and the parts must withstand heavy loads. As a result, the maintenance of such a car requires a thicker wallet. Engine oil and parts will be more expensive. However, a diesel car depreciates more slowly than a gasoline car, and it will be possible to get a more substantial sum for it upon subsequent sale.


    If you care about the environment, then you should know that in addition to the fact that a diesel car is much more economical, but at the same time it is not inferior in power to a gasoline car, it also emits less CO 2 (about 20% less), which is the cause of climate warming … And yet our story does not end there. Diesel engines generate more harmful NOx emissions. But since they have less fuel consumption, less pollutants are produced.

    In any case, the final decision depends on the individual situation. Which is better – a passenger car with a diesel or gasoline engine – it is difficult to say, because every motorist has preferences depending on conditions, expectations and material capabilities. If you need to transport a boat or a tourist trailer, then, of course, a diesel car will cope with this task better and use less fuel. If you are looking for a nimble sports car that will make short trips, then you should give preference to the gasoline engine.

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