Fun Activities In South Goa


South Goa is a beautiful beach destination in India. It’s known for its beautiful sandy beaches, great weather and of course all the fun activities you can do here. There are plenty of places to visit in South Goa that cater to everyone from families looking for quiet relaxation to those who want some adrenaline-fuelled action!

1. Jetty Barge Cruise, South Goa

The jetty barge cruise is a popular activity in South Goa and can be enjoyed by the entire family. It’s a fun activity for the whole family and offers amazing views of the beautiful Goan coastline.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a great way to experience South Goa?s rich marine life. There are many dive sites in South Goa that you can access by boat or even train, but the best place to start your scuba diving adventure is at the Sattari Beach Resort. This beach resort offers courses for all ages and levels of experience, including beginners and advanced divers alike.

As long as you have the right equipment (including wetsuits!), it’s easy for anyone who has never dived before or who wants to improve their skills on their next trip! You will need:

A mask with a full face visor; protects your eyes from harmful light rays when underwater since there isn’t any air pressure pushing down onto them during regular breathing sessions so they’re more susceptible than normal portions of skin exposed directly to sunlight without protection such as sunglasses/glasses which offer some protection against UV rays coming through windows too closely located near ones’ faces after all we’ve mentioned before about protecting ourselves from UV radiation exposure over time because we live longer lives nowadays due mainly because those medications now available aren’t cheap either but thankfully affordable health insurance provides coverage here too meaning less worry about paying medical bills if required later down line should something happen unexpectedly like getting sick while traveling abroad somewhere far away from home country maybe even continents apart continents like Europe Asia Africa etcetera all over again!

3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the act of swimming underwater with a snorkel. It’s an exciting way to experience the beauty and diversity of our oceans, but there are some things you need to know before you head out on your next adventure.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a fun activity that allows you to explore amazing underwater worlds while enjoying fresh air above water! You can use your hands or fins (flippers) to move around in shallow areas like coral reefs, kelp forests, and lagoons (coves). If you want your trip to be more challenging than just floating there looking at fishies then try jumping off cliffs into deep waters!

How do I start snorkeling?

To get started with snorkeling all you need is some old clothes so it doesn’t get too cold when the water gets cold outside; sunglasses because we don’t want those bright lights hurting our eyes; sunscreen if needed and lastly grab some food/drinks so we don’t get hungry while swimming around underwater!

4. Surfing

Surfing is a popular sport in South Goa. You can learn how to surf from one of the many surf schools around, or you may want to get a private instructor. There are many different types of boards that you can rent or purchase: shortboards, longboards, and SUPs (standup paddleboards). The best part about surfing is that it?s not just for those who are good at it; everyone has an opportunity at being able to learn how! Some people say that this is one of the most challenging sports out there because it requires balance and concentration while riding your board over waves that could be up to 15 feet high!

You might also want some extra help if you don’t feel confident enough yet but still want something fun as well so check out our list below

5. Parasailing

Parasailing is a water activity that allows you to fly over the water like a bird. The boat will take you out on the ocean and then dive down, propelling you through the air with a passenger harness.

It takes about 30 minutes for them to set up all of their equipment, so be sure to arrive early! Once that’s done, it’s time for some fun! The cost per person will vary depending on how many people are going parasailing at once but usually ranges between $30-$50 per person (including tax) depending on whether or not they’re renting their equipment or using ours (which saves us money). You’ll also need some sort of swimsuit/coverup combo which can be purchased locally before coming here; however, if this isn’t possible then there are plenty of options available online such as Amazon Prime Now etc…

If possible bring along sunscreen lotion because it gets very hot under these conditions – especially during sunset hours when sunburns aren’t uncommon due to either lack thereof due diligence during the application process beforehand.”

South Goa is considered the place to visit in the Indian state of Goa if what you are looking for is a holiday full of fun activities. No matter if you want to just relax and chill by the beach or enjoy some fun water sports, we have got you covered.


And that?s all for now! We hope you enjoyed our list of fun activities in South Goa. If you are planning a trip here soon, make sure that you check out these things before doing anything else.