6 Easy and Frugal Ways to Get Married

Getting married to someone you love is a wonderful experience. However, the wedding planning season can be stressful for all those involved. Financially, it may strain your expenses as you try to make the day memorable and special. Most couples involve their in-laws, friends, and wedding planners to prepare for their celebration. The only downside to this is that it may add too much pressure on you when too many opinions are involved. Additionally, with so many guests expected on the big day, the budget may hike tremendously.

Consider Having a Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings are gaining momentum today because they save your time and money. Not everyone can afford the big extravagant wedding, and having a court wedding might be the sanest financial decision you and your fianc?e make. Registering for a court wedding will cost you less than the thousands of dollars spent on big weddings. Also, courthouse weddings are less overwhelming because they are small events where you don’t have a long list of guests to please. After you vow in court, you can save your money or hold a small reception. Court weddings take up to 30 minutes, unlike traditional or church weddings that take an entire day.

Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings are not for everyone. However, if you are you are working with a tight budget, consider having a backyard wedding. The wedding featured in backyards is cheap because you do not have to pay for a venue. If you or a friend owns a backyard, you can use it for your special day. It is easier to use a backyard since you set your own rules. Incidentally, it would help if you book venues for your wedding. If you cannot manage this, you will lose the location. In backyards, you can set up your own time and be as flexible as you desire. You do not have to hire caterers to serve at the wedding reception since you can buy refreshments and deserts in bulk.

Eloping With Your Person

If you cannot afford a grand wedding, eloping might be an easier and economical option. Eloping might force you to make sacrifices, but starting your life is a fun and adventurous way. You cut out the cost of spending money on a location, clothes, transport, and food costs by eloping. Further, elopements are more intimate since it is only two people involved. You do not need to please guests; hence there is no pressure. You can look into deals offered by elopement packages before eloping. They provide wedding venues and include legal measures needed for you to tie the note. Consequently, eloping is an easy and cheap way to start life with your loved one.

Sporting Events

The couple’s creativity has grown since they are finding cheaper ways to celebrate their big day. If you and your groom are sports enthusiasts, events such as Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, or World Cup can be a good way to celebrate your day. Book tickets for your loved ones and at the event and plan a tailgate party. Here, you can say your vows and carry on with your day. It takes the shortest time and is affordable.

A combined Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Remarkably, you can celebrate your wedding with your close friends. The method is gaining popularity because most families live far away. It might be costly to fly out relatives from both families from different states for your day. Notably, in this covid error, it is better to involve fewer people in social gatherings to avoid spreading the virus. A bachelor and bachelorette party will cut down expenses. Celebrate with your friends and say your vows and prevent the traditional vibe.

Virtual Weddings

The pandemic has interrupted people’s routines tremendously. Virtual weddings are being legalized in various states. The internet connects the world, and everything is digitized. The first step to have a virtual wedding is to get a marriage license from the county clerk. Get all the legal documents needed and ensure they are signed. With the internet, you can get married as your family and friends watch online. It will save you time and money to have a virtual wedding.

You might experience sleepless nights since the wedding is a pivotal occasion for your family and friends. It would be best to find alternative ways to celebrate your union. Keep in mind that the success of a marriage is not based on how big your event is or how much money is spent.