Versailles In France ā€“ Things To Do, Events And Must-Sees

versailles in france

Want to see something truly extraordinary in France? Then plan a trip to the Palace of Versailles in France. This former royal residence is a UNESCO World Heritage site that draws thousands of visitors each year. Read on to know all the amazing things, events & attractions to check out with this travel guide.

History of Versailles in France

This incredible palace in Versailles was originally a humble lodge built by King Louis XIII in 1623. However, it was transformed into a spell-binding palace by his son, King Louis XIV, the Sun King.

Did you know? The construction of this incredible palace lasted a whopping 50 years!

The palace served as the political and cultural centre of France until the French Revolution in 1789. Later on, it was neglected until the 19th century. In the 1900s, this palace was converted into a museum thereby showcasing the beauty of French:

  • Art
  • Architecture

Top Versailles Events to Enjoy in France

1). Fountains Night Shows

The amazing Night Fountains Show is held every Saturday evening from 8th June to 21st September 2024.

Get ready to witness the gardens transform into a magical place with lights & sound. The best part ā€“ the stunning fireworks display over the Grand Canal.

Grab the chance to stroll through the illuminated gardens that are usually closed to the public. Apart from this, you will also get to experience amazing music from famous composers!

2). The Gallery of Coaches

You will find this wonderful place in the Palace of Versaillesā€™ Great Stable. Donā€™t miss visiting this attraction as it is open till the end of October. There is no Versailles ticket price for this attraction as itā€™s free of cost. The timings are 12.30 pm to 6.30 pm (Saturday & Sunday only).

Best Things to Do in Versailles in France

Explore the Palace Rooms

The Palace of Versailles is well-known for its amazing architecture and intricate details.

Did you know? The Palace of Versailles in France boasts over 3000 rooms!

Some interesting things to do while exploring the Palace Rooms are:

  • Checking out the Hall of Mirrors, a 73-metre-long gallery
  • Take guided tours to learn more about the rich history of the palace
  • Stroll Through the Gardens

Want to see the ideal French Gardens? Then head over to the Palace of Versailles. These gardens are the perfect example of French Garden Design.

Did you know? These gardens cover a whopping 800 hectares of land.

When you stroll through the gardens, you will come across:

  • Beautifully manicured lawns
  • Impressive fountains
  • Geometric flower beds
  • Amazing sculptures & more!
  • Rent a Boat or Bike

For a unique perspective, rent a boat and glide along the Grand Canal. You can explore the expansive grounds by renting a bike and cycling through the picturesque paths and trails.

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Must-See Attractions of the Palace of Versailles in France

Hall of Mirrors

Prepare to be awestruck by the breathtaking hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles!

This amazing hall is adorned with 17 mirror-lined arches that reflect the ornate decor and crystal chandeliers, creating an unforgettable sight!

Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon

These exquisite palaces are located within the Versailles estate. They offer a sneak peek into the private lives of French royalty and showcase stunning architectural designs.

The Queen’s Hamlet

Step into a charming recreation of a rustic village, complete with:

  • Thatched-roof cottages
  • A working farm, and,
  • Picturesque gardens

These were built for Marie Antoinette to escape the formalities of court life.


Versailles in France is a true masterpiece and showcases the lavishness of the French monarchy.

From its awe-inspiring palace and immaculate gardens to captivating events and attractions, this iconic destination offers a journey through time like no other. So, apply online France visa, pack your bags and go on an unforgettable journey to the Palace of Versailles!


When was the original lodge built that later became the Palace of Versailles?

The original lodge that later transformed into the Palace of Versailles was built by King Louis XIII in 1623.

What are the top attractions to visit in Versailles, France?

The top attractions in Versailles include the Palace of Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and the Queen’s Hamlet. Don’t miss the magnificent gardens and the Royal Opera of Versailles.

What is the Night Fountains Show at Versailles and when is it held?

The Night Fountains Show is an event at Versailles where the gardens are lit up with lights and sound, including a fireworks display over the Grand Canal. It is held every Saturday evening from June 8th to September 21st, 2024.