Fortify Career with Professional Accounting Course

Accounting encompasses skills like handling revenues, transactions and finance. Professional accounting course is capable of opening up vistas of opportunities for anyone. Pursuing accounting courses will arm an individual with skills and knowledge applicable to multiple industries. The accounting course online classes held by the eminent educators at George Telegraph Institute of Accounts can teach students new methodologies. Applying these can upgrade the craft of an accountant. The industry based accounting courses hosted by George Telegraph Institute of Accounts are affiliated to NSDC or National Skill Development Corporation. The unique teaching methods and exceptional training on vocational courses render the GTIA students more proficient.

accounting course online

How can learning accounting help?

The job of an accountant includes the following:

  • Preparing and examining financial records
  • Reviewing statements for accuracy
  • Ensuring that records and statements comply with the law
  • Computing taxes that are owed, preparing tax returns, enabling prompt payment
  • Inspecting account books and accounting systems regularly
  • Suggesting ways to reduce overhead costs and increase revenues and profits
  • Providing auditing services

Taking up the accounting course fromGeorge Telegraph Institute of Accounts can help hone an accountant?s skill.

The accounting courses taught at George Telegraph Institute of Accounts:

George Telegraph Institute of Accounts is a leading institute that has been offering elaborate professional accounting course to myriads of students over the years. Two outstanding accounting courses conducted by this organisation are Professional Business Accountant Course and Executive Business Accountant Course.

The following are the attributes of the popular Professional Business Accountant Course:

  • The Professional Business Accountant Course is a 1 year program that involves an additional 6 month?s internship period.
  • Candidates may enrol into this course post appearing or passing their class 12 board exams.
  • When studying the Professional Business Accountant Course a candidate will acquire knowledge on topics like Direct Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Financial Accounting, Auditing, Tally.Erp9, Business Computer Application, E-filing of statutory returns, Banking and Insurance.
  • Students can avail hands-on training in contemporary software.
  • The Professional Business Accountant Course offers training on accounting, taxation and soft skills.
  • Adequate knowledge on Costing and Finance, Direct and Indirect Tax, Advanced Excel, Microsoft Office etc. help to nurture each and every student?s career.
  • The Professional Business Accountant Course is perfect for those individuals who wish to build a career in accountancy and also accounting professionals who wish to update their skills.

The following are the hallmarks of the advanced Executive Business Accountant Course:

  • The Executive Business Accountant Course is a 9 months program that provides an additional 3 months Internship period.
  • Passing or appearing for their class 12 board exams allows admission in this compact course.
  • Students learn about income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets and how each interacts with each other.
  • Students learn to assess the financial standing of a business corporation from its financial statements.
  • The trainees are imparted with knowledge on the GAAP and IFRS standards and also to prepare and evaluate financial forecasts and make strategic decisions.
  • They learn to value a venture, project, or investment opportunity and prepare a sensitivity analysis.
  • Knowledge of ratio analysis & financial ratios enhance the career of the students.

To conclude, the placement assessment of George Telegraph Institute of Accounts fortifies the career of the students in the national and international levels.