Types Of Flooring Accessories

    Flooring Accessories

    Every homeowner dreams of enhancing the decor of their home. Any home renovation project is incomplete until a trendy flooring is laid. But the flooring is accentuated only when perfectly matching accessories are not used.

    From laminate flooring underlay that adds a layer of padding and hides imperfections to transition profiles, All In All stocks an extensive range of flooring accessories.

    Adhesives and flooring sealant are the most essential of all the accessories. Sealants are available online in several colours as per your requirement.

    Other accessories on offer include door bars, stair nosing, scotia and more.

    Door Bars and transition profiles are available in an array of colours, styles and materials. Door bars are the perfect accessories that lend a seamless finish to your flooring.

    Underlay adds a layer of padding and gives protection against moisture and is soundproof. Trim is mostly utilised to cover up joints, expansion gaps, seams, and surface imperfections.

    Once the engineered or laminate wood flooring is laid, there is a gap left around the room. Soctia is used to cover up that gap. Scotia comes in various colours so that you can match them with the door bars.

    Stair nosing gives a finishing touch to stairs that have been fitted with engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring. They are ideal to enhance the aesthetics as well as solve the safety purpose.

    All In All presents an Infographic – Type of Flooring Accessories. Read it to know various types of accessories that you would require for your renovation project.

    Flooring Accessories

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