How To Find and Reach A Niche Audience For A Series?

Isn?t it funny how the word ?niche? has so many alternate pronunciations? Well, whether you?re on the ?neesh,? party or the ?nich,? party, one thing is confirmed: identifying your niche audience holds great significance in the promotion and growth of your indulgence-worthy content.

For those wondering what a niche is, let me make it easy for you. Niche audience, unlike the mass audience, is a more specialized, segmented group of a company?s main target customers. Think of it like a specialized section of the whole market where businesses target specific needs of the customers. It’s made up of individuals super enthusiastic about something in particular. 

When you target niche audiences, you’re establishing a fanbase for your brand. They will be loyal to you, engage with your content, and spread it with other folks. Before embarking on the journey of producing any content, be it a series, tutorials or a product animatiation video, it’s vital to know your niche audience. The niche audience you decide to create content for is the roadway to your destination. Without it, you might end up getting lost and failing.?

And, that?s why we bring you some effective ways to successfully fulfill this task!

Finding Your Audience

#1 Market Research

Before you begin writing or launching a series, it is essential to know and understand what your audience wants. This can only be achieved by conducting thorough market research. Researching your market is key in finding your niche audience.

Once you can study your audience at a broader level: understand their need, preferences, interest, passion, etc you’ll be able to shortlist ideas for your specific type of audience which will allow you to connect with them in a better manner. 

Keep in mind that research does not halt there, audiences keep growing, changing, and updating, hence, it is essential to always be on your toes and keep analyzing your target market of what their preferences, and what new trends they may be following. 

This will assist you in generating content accordingly, build brand loyalty and gain new audiences as well. This ability to match with changing consumer interests will allow you to become a strong marketer and brand.

#2 Conduct Interviews and Surveys

Market research can provide you with second-hand information and may not give you a thorough understanding of your target market. To understand your audience at a deeper level, you must conduct one on one interviews or conduct surveys.

Through this you would gain access to information about what kind of audiences are out there in the market and what makes them tick. However, it is important to ask consumers relevant questions and not just limit questions by asking just their opinions.

You need to ask questions that give you valuable insights at a deeper level. A few questions that you may ask them can be as follows:

What shows do you enjoy watching?

What kind of series or shows do you dislike?

What kind of websites do you visit often?

What topics do you think shows and series should cover nowadays?

#3 Social Networking Sites

One of the best ways through which you can find your niche audience is by visiting social networking sites such as Twitter and Reddit and observing the topics that are trending. 

This will provide you with useful insight as to what people are talking about or what they care about. Research Reddit deeply and you shall discover various kinds of topics that people are conversing about every day. 

To generate entertaining and binge-watching content, it is essential to comprehend what topics engage your audience and generate passionate reactions. 

Furthermore, researching Netflix of what kind of shows are most popular with a broad set of audience and what type of genre is most watched by audiences can also help you gain some useful data as to what kind of content is already out there in the market and what content needs to be focused on and what the audience is asking for. 

Knowing this information would help draft engaging content that would be enjoyed by your target audience.

Reaching you audience

#1 Create Relevant Content

Creating the kind of content that attracts the audience is the rule#1 for reaching them. Producing relevant content that interests your target audience is key to keeping them hooked. 

Once you?ve identified your niche audience, your next step would be to create the kind of content that helps connect with them, this will help you reach your designated audience easily. 

Using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to connect with your audience and promote your content will allow you to reach your audience much faster and in an efficient manner.

#2 Use Influencers

One of the marketing strategies that is now used to reach your audience is by leveraging influencers. Partnering with influencers to market your content is an effective way to reach your audience and that is the power of social media and digital marketing

What you need to keep in mind is that you cannot partner with just any influencer, it has to be someone that influences your target audience and has an impact upon them. If they are influencers that do not connect with your audience then this strategy would be useless for you. 

However, influencer marketing is an effective strategy that can help you reach your audience and have your content promoted.

#3 Use Hashtags to reach your audience

According to recent statistics, people on average spend more than 2 hours on social media every single day. Therefore, this makes it an essential platform that needs to be used effectively to reach target audiences. 

Usage of hashtags can help you reach your audience. Using hashtags that are content and industry-relevant can act as a sign board that allows you to reach your audience easily. 

For example, if you are promoting a luxury hotel you would want to use hashtags such as #luxuryHotel #LuxuryTourist. A tip to remember is to use personalized or specific hashtags, these are more impactful than generic ones. 

If you use general hashtags, people may not find them to be connected with them and might just scroll away. 


Whether you’re creating a series, film, a blog or a website, every form of content demands you to find and reach your niche audience. Your niche audience is your support system. Your loyal, passionate fans. So, to identify them and target them effectively, certain steps must be taken. I hope this blog helps you in achieving that.