Innovative Features to Consider for Your Next Mobile App 

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Mobile app development is no doubt a thriving opportunity for businesses to grow their businesses. It is useful for various business operations, starting from internal operations management to selling products online, overall focusing on a common goal which is to make business operations more convenient and efficient. Mobile app developers are in constant search of new features that they could incorporate into their development approaches so that businesses benefit the most from a mobile app. As a mobile app development company in Kolkata, we stay up-to-date with the recent mobile app development trends within the context of new technologies and innovative features. In this blog, we’re going to explore new innovative features that can be integrated into mobile app development approaches. 

Enhancing the user experience with augmented reality (AR) 

Augmented reality has numerous benefits when it comes to delivering an optimal user experience. With AR technology, it is possible to deliver a more interactive experience by providing practical solutions such as a powerful navigation solution, displaying virtual guides in physical space, creating 3D objects, lively product visualisations, and many others. With the integration of augmented reality in mobile apps, it has become easier for users to interact with the elements within the app overall, enhancing their user experience. 

Improving the security system with advanced features 

With the increase in the use of technology, the risk of cyberattacks has also become significant. It has become mandatory for developers to integrate a robust security system into mobile applications. When it comes to innovative technologies, biometrics is one of the most promising security features that can be efficiently integrated into a mobile app. Nowadays, all modern smartphones use features or biometrics such as fingerprints, face recognition, voice recognition, and many others, and implementing them within the mobile app can ensure a robust security system by which any third party cannot interfere with the personal information inside the mobile app. 

Other security principles that can be integrated into any mobile app include masking sensitive information wherever possible. Father app developers can also make content hidden using the app switcher. IPC, or inter-process communication protocols, and anti-tampering technologies can efficiently protect sensitive information from hackers by preventing them from intercepting, modifying, or abusing app features. 

 Using beacon technology to increase user engagement 

From our experience as a mobile app development company in Kolkata, this technology is by far the most innovative one that we have come across. Mobile app development shares a common goal, which is to support business growth. now Beacon technologies are applied to devices that are powered by Bluetooth Low Energy. These devices can send data, like advertisements or notifications, to smartphones for marketing purposes. This can efficiently increase engagement by providing location-based experiences for users. For instance, a user in a store can receive a beacon-based notification informing them about any coupons or special offers related to their interest in certain products. learn to 

Removing the hassles of mobile app installation 

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are a kind of web application that uses modern website technologies to provide users with a similar experience as a native mobile app. On the other hand, there are also new technologies on Android and iOS platforms, such as Google Play Instant and Apple App Clips, respectively. These features allow users to try a mobile application without the need for installation. These innovative technologies omit the hassle of installing the mobile app, especially in situations where a user only needs to use it once. These technologies can be used in many sectors, such as online retailers, real estate, and other e-commerce storefronts that require the user to install the app once, for which an app download can turn away a potential customer. 

Developing smarter apps with artificial intelligence and machine learning 

As a mobile app development company in Kolkata, we think that the future of mobile app development relies on technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are very useful in the process of didn’t analysis, supporting back-end roles, atomization of tasks, and conversational features. With the help of AI integration, it is possible to introduce features such as image recognition, facial recognition, chatbots, task automation, and many others. 

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