Features That Will Makes Your Users Spend More Time On Your Mobile App

Not all mobile apps are developed equal. Hence, some enjoy grand success; some make enough to survive as a business, while several others struggle to get enough traction to stay alive and operational. The user experience becomes the determining factor for most apps.

Certain app features ensure a better user experience, while there are features that almost became a standard part of any successful app. As an App Entwicklung Firma, you need to know about these critical features that constantly help improve the app user experience.

Here we go listing top features that make users more engaged and stay longer with the app.

Offline access

Any app that allows users to access content or certain features offline has a clear edge over apps that need an internet connection, even for the simplest of actions. Since the availability of internet connection remains a constant challenge for on-the-go uses, offline access can play an essential role in enhancing the user experience.

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Let’s understand what offline access does to an app and its user experience? When an app is accessed offline, the user stays active longer, irrespective of the availability of the internet connection. Users end up being engaged more with the app content and certain features thanks to offline access. Offline access helps enhance business conversion as users end up browsing more. All the activities, including the shopping cart additions, are updated as soon as network connectivity is restored.

Voice search

Voice search has emerged as the most critical feature for web browsers, mobile commerce apps, and content-focused apps requiring rigorous search efforts. Instead of typing different keywords and search terms, users can use voice commands and get the results instantly. No wonder leading search engines, including Google and other apps across the niches, now have a voice search function.

Voice search can be further improved if you also use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to detect individual differences in pronunciation or voice modulation and deliver relevant search results accordingly. With the fine-tuned voice search feature, users can do more with your app and spend more time using the app.

Intelligent chatbot

Chatbots or interactive programs that can initiate or engage in conversation have become popular tools to help users with answers to their queries, guide them to use the app features more effectively, and offer suggestions that are most relevant to their usage patterns. The traditional rule-based chatbots that could answer queries and give recommendations based on fixed rules are now getting outdated and intelligent chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) are getting more popular.

With intelligent chatbots, you can give your users the most contextually relevant answers to their queries and make relevant or valuable recommendations. Intelligent chatbots incorporated into mobile apps can offer the best customer support solution for businesses of all types.

AR-based trials

All the apps that directly sell or services to their target customers find it challenging to convince just because customers always prefer hands-on experience and feel of the product or services instead of their digital presentations. This is one reason why mobile commerce apps are still not as popular as in-store shopping. Customers can visit an app, browse the products, and in the end, can decide to purchase it offline. Fortunately, now we have augmented reality (AR) technology to allow customers to get a “true to life” experience before making any purchases.

Mobile commerce apps widely use AR to help customers get a natural feel of the products through virtual trials. For example, while browsing garments and fashion accessories, a customer can sport these items virtually on his own body and see how it fits or looks just by looking at the mobile screen. While purchasing furniture, customers can upload the interior image of their apartments and see how the new furniture looks at their own living spaces.

What AR-based virtual trial does to an app is of immense significance in user engagement and business conversion. Thanks to AR-powered virtual trial features, users are likely to become engaged and satisfied as they have a “true to life” shopping and browsing experience just on their handheld screen. Besides helping users to spend more time, it will help an app convert more business with increased frequency.

Personalized controls

Ultimately user experience of an app today depends heavily upon how far you allow users to make free choices regarding essential app functions such as notifications, menu options, registration and login, in-app ads, access to device features, etc. Users prefer a personalized way to control all these features and attributes as per their preferences and needs. The more customized rules you provide the users, the more you can boost user engagement and business conversion.

The first thing that you should focus upon is allowing personalized notifications. Allow users to choose the type of notifications they prefer, besides enabling them to choose the timing and frequency of the notifications as well. Some apps also allow users to select quick access menu options based upon their usage patterns, which only reduces user efforts and makes them more engaged.

As for registration and login, you should allow users to choose among different social media login options along with a separate option for guest login. Users should also be offered free reign to opt for ads-free app use or the choice of ads frequency to help them get a better user experience free of distractions. Last but not least important way to personalize user experience is to allow them easy and flexible access to different device features.


You may argue that few more features and UX attributes can play an essential role in making users stay on the app longer. Of course, this listing is not exhaustive, and there can be few others that deserve to be listed. But here, we only tried to bring the most obvious and trending ones that helped countless apps garner increased engagement.

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