Top 8 Features of MSP Microsoft Projects

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Every company’s continual objective is to simplify project management. With so many large and complex projects running at once, a company might face significant delays because keeping all the parts in place is difficult. You can adopt several techniques to alleviate this problem. But the best way is to purchase the most recent editions of MSP Microsoft Project Online Training. It offers several handy tools that may help you manage your projects and keep them running as efficiently as possible. So, if you want to learn more about this tool, MSP Microsoft Project Online Course is the best way to enter the industry and gain proficiency in such a product.

MSP Microsoft Project: Meaning

MSP Microsoft Project is a project management application that helps to generate schedules, and project plans, manage resources, and track time. It includes different tools for project managers like Gantt charts, kanban boards, and project calendars. You can also name it MS Project and Project Professional. Other Microsoft Project tools with similar names include Project Online, Project Server, and Project for the Web. You can access those items by purchasing a Microsoft Project Plan membership. It comes in three price categories.

Features of MSP Microsoft Projects

List down below are the main features of Microsft Projects:

●    Project Views

The full Microsoft Project capabilities begin with the several views available to your team for creating, visualizing, and managing multiple projects. However, the project essentially provides three alternative perspectives to try:

  1. Grid view is a streamlined project view that allows you to manage projects based on task lists.
  2. Board view allows you to create visual kanban boards for controlling processes, project status, etc.
  3. Timeline view uses standard Gantt charts, an ideal solution for scheduling jobs throughout a project’s timeline separated among various teams.

●    Task Management System

MSP Microsoft Project has an excellent task management system. Because project flexibility and visibility are crucial, project management tools allow you to build and alter plans on the go. However, the task management flexibility of your project allows your team to respond to new expectations and resources without being slowed down in endless meetings or software updates.

●    Resource Management

Microsoft Project also has outstanding resource management features from start to end. As a result, you can manage project resources by requesting or allocating tasks to particular team members using this project management software.

Moreover, Microsoft Project will automatically request or allocate these resources based on the data you enter, ensuring that each team member sees the tools they’ve received and can begin work immediately. Also, other team members can observe how you can distribute the resources across departments or project employees.

●    Road Maps

The roadmap allows you to follow programs and develop portfolios. However, you may manage, modify and optimize project portfolios, resources, programs, and procedures. It’s handy for larger businesses with several projects or programs to administer.

Moreover, the roadmap allows you to edit or follow these project portfolios in real-time. Using this tool, project managers can always check if tasks and objectives are on track if they need to assign extra team members to a particular section, and so on.

●    Microsft Project Reporting

Microsoft Project performs much more than just assigning tasks and goals. It includes prebuilt reports that you may create and email to other members of your organization’s staff. Based on your requirements, you can create reports to:

  1. Monitor the progress of particular projects or sub-projects.
  2. Evaluate resource management or track resource utilization to check who uses resources most efficiently.
  3. Assess the condition and effectiveness of the program
  4. Track portfolios and data.

●    Co-authoring Functionality

The co-authoring feature in Microsoft Project promotes cooperation, a significant aspect of Microsoft 365 and comparable products. If they have the required authorization, team members and stakeholders can collaborate to modify and amend schedules, task lists, and individual tasks using the co-authoring function.

●    File Sharing

It’s no surprise that MSP Microsoft Project contains file-sharing functionality, given its emphasis on collaboration. Team members who use Microsoft Project may exchange files with other team members. This assures efficiency and usability. After all, managers aren’t the only ones who can exchange files with team members, but everyone has access to the same rules or standard papers when necessary.

●    Team Dashboard

Last but not least is the team dashboard, which is a critical component of every successful project. The Project team dashboard provides an overview of crucial data and other pertinent information to team members and their activities.

You may add charts, data presentations, and other visuals to this Project feature based on what works best for your team.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the different features of MSP Microsoft Projects. This overview may help you to handle the projects effectively. So, if you want to have a career in this domain, we suggest you enroll in the MSP Microsoft Project Training in Noida.