Must-have features for a successful ride-hailing mobile application

    ride-hailing mobile application

    Ride-hailing and On-Demand Taxi Booking business is the current fashion in the taxi industry. It is because it holds tremendous potential in terms of profitability at present and in the future as well. For all aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups, opting for taxi business is one of the best revenue-generating options that are currently present in the market.

    No doubt the pioneer behind the on-demand ride-hailing business is Uber Technologies Inc. Founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in March 2009, the San Francisco based company is now valued at an immense $100 billion. The secret recipe that made Uber taste such unprecedented success was how it offered safe and comfortable rides for its user base via mobile applications.

    Ever since its advent, Uber has strived to deliver the best in terms of services and performance. Now operating in several cities across the globe, Uber has made commuting very much safer and more comfortable as well.

    At present with everyone knowing how successful Uber has become, it has become a sort of inspiration for entrepreneurs to kick start their business in the taxi booking domain. It has led to the debut of what is called Uber clone app solutions.

    If you want to possess the power of such a taxi-hailing app solution or an Uber clone for better results, then ensure to integrate the following mandatory features in your Uber clone app without fail:

    1. GPS-integrated tracking system

    When it comes to the typical taxi ride, it is centred around what is called the inbuilt GPS tracker in the mobile application. It helps the driver base to find the precise pick-up and drop-off (destination) points seamlessly. It also helps in revealing the route that is the least dense traffic chocked. Furthermore, it assists in providing a precise fare estimation of the trip alongside estimating the distance and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) as well. 

    2. In-App Payments

    Whenever we speak of any business-oriented mobile app, its convenience is directly related to providing streamlined and seamless yet secure payment options. Thereby payment gateways are that important when we speak about your Uber clone solution. Make sure that your user can pay via a plethora of options including debit /credit cards, E-Wallets and other modes of payments including cash.

    3. Integrated Module to collect fees from drivers

    Make sure that you automate the process of fee collection from drivers. Thereby a highly advanced module can be integrated to eliminate the aspect of manual paperwork. It should allow the drivers to view the billing cycles, the transaction history, the account balance and also to access top-up features. 

    4. Analytics System

    Research and Analytics oriented processes help a lot in determining if a given business is proceeding on a path towards success. Thereby make sure to include a powerful Analytics system based feature in your app. With the statistics that it provides, you get greater enlightenment regarding your business, and it will help you a lot in taking the correct decisions related to the productivity of your ride-hailing business.

    5. Profiles

    It is chiefly for safety purposes, where the driver?s verification is mandatory at all costs. The Uber clone must make regulations to ascertain that both the driver and the rider base as well update their profiles for personalized usage when it comes to services.

    6. Branding oriented purposes

    The ride-hailing app must act as a suitable means of a platform that connects the entrepreneur, the driver base and the customers. Speaking of the drivers and the riders, you can notify them regarding news, updates, promo codes etc. via push notifications.

    7. Web-based Panel

    A power web-based admin panel for dispatching and tracking will effectively help in taking orders, tracking orders, managing cabs/ drivers and maintaining control over the entire trips. Make sure for including an API for seamless communication. 

      Various other features that can be incorporated into an app that works like Uber include the likes of split payment calculator, referral programs, real-time tracking of drivers, multiple drop-off points and vehicle selection.


    The best option at present to start a successful taxi booking business is by opting for an Uber clone script. If you want an advanced Uber clone developed at cost-effective prices and on a short time basis, you can opt for the services of Uberdoo. We provide a white-labelled and 100% customized taxi solution based on your requirements. We can develop a basic app with good UI/UX at $5000 or get a feature-rich advanced app solution designed for the cost within $15,000. To know more about our services and our clone script, visit us at, and we will do everything to help your business.

    Author Bio:

    PrawinChandru is an entrepreneur and co-founder at Uberdoo, which is a Canadian based leading technology company. It has gained a global reputation for the development of some of the best Uber clone solutions catering to the ever-varying and ambitious needs of its clientele. It has been regarded as one of the most reliable companies that help in starting a taxi booking business.

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