Fashion tips for fat women

Fashion tips

Clothing for overweight women: the nuances of creating a stylish and practical wardrobe Many magnificent fashionistas encounter difficulties in composing bows. To get rid of the problems of choice, stylists recommend using some tricks.

Selection rules

Clothes with contrasting shades are excluded from the wardrobe. An acceptable option is things in pastel colors.

The choice of clothes depending on the features of the figure Fashionistas with a pear-shaped figure will not fit new dress design clothes that accentuate lush hips (things with patch pockets or folds on the hips). Noteworthy pencil skirts, trousers of a classic cut.

Correct underwear

The folds of leather seen under the clothes can ruin the look of an expensive dress or a spectacular bow. Properly selected underwear will help to avoid such problems. The optimal solution for chubby women is the purchase of corrective underwear that ?disguises and hides? extra centimeters: manufacturers suggest wearing panties with corrective inserts that create a supportive effect; bras with wide straps, special bones located on the lower part of the cups will help to beautifully form a magnificent chest. It is clear that tight things will create unaesthetic folds of skin, and too loose underwear will visually add to the figure of volume. It is products with a corrective effect that will help visually give a silhouette of harmony.


Naturally, any outerwear for obese women gives the figure a somewhat bulky look. To minimize this effect, stylists recommend that you turn the shooting to the cut and color scheme of things, to the right choice of materials.


Fashion for obese women is based on things that add sophistication and elegance to the images. A straight-cut coat is universal, which also organically combines with various wardrobe items (skirts, trousers, dresses, suits).


Demi-season wardrobe is hard to imagine without a raincoat. A win-win choice – a straight cut product. An interesting and relevant double-breasted model. Owners of wide shoulders should buy a trapezium-shaped cloak.


Many women are complex about the curvaceous and refuse to wear pants or jeans. However, designers claim that the right things will help create stylish images for the full.

Style and length

In the trend – narrowed cropped trousers. For warm summer weather, things of a light palette are suitable. For owners of wide hips fit models of trousers without a belt, with a side fastener. With full legs it is undesirable to wear Dress design fashionable skinny. It is better to choose trousers of a classic straight female style (clear arrows visually add harmony to the silhouette).


The best choice is things made of dense textiles (high-quality wool, tweed), showing a light pulling effect. Thick denim products (with a small addition of elastic fibers) look good. For summer, you can choose loose, light trousers, bananas, sultanas. Bright fabrics with patterns, ornaments will bring oriental notes to the wardrobe.

Jackets, cardigans, sweaters

Full ladies to create stylish bows need to pay attention to several points. Preferred are elongated things (knee-length) or products slightly below the waist.


Feminine clothes were undeservedly replaced by trousers and jeans. But stylish dresses will elegantly decorate any bow. Moreover, it is not difficult to choose models for any occasion. Everyday

For every day, it is recommended to keep an eye on things sewn from cozy, practical materials (tight knitwear, denim, viscose). The best choice for a business wardrobe is a sheath dress or a sundress-a-line. Casual office clothes for overweight women are sewn from dense plain fabrics (wool, gabardine) of a neutral color palette.
A good choice for a dumpling is fabrics of muted tones, decorated with discreet patterns, prints. The ideal option is casual dresses made of medium-sized vertical stripes.


To emphasize the festive atmosphere of the party, dresses from lace, velvet and silk will help.
Stylists recommend refraining from richly decorated things. When choosing a style, it is advisable to pay attention to models sewn in the Greek style, Empire style.


When choosing summer clothes, it is important to consider the comfort of things. Therefore, full girls prefer to wear dresses made of light, natural materials (chiffon, cotton, linen).

Blouses & Tops

A great way to play with the shape and silhouette is to combine blouses / tops with skirts, trousers. Full women should dress in clothes that will help visually make the silhouette thinner and slimmer (blouses with a smell, basky, elongated models). Several beautiful tops will allow you to make stylish bows with different wardrobe items. The easiest way to combine tops with cardigans, jackets, tunics. There are no strict restrictions on the choice of things – you can start from personal preferences.

Skirt styles

The attention of fashionable women with magnificent hips deserves pencil skirts, models of straight shapes. Flared skirts will look stylish on girls with wide shoulders and a voluminous bust. A great option to disguise full legs is floor-length skirts or slightly below the knees.

Swimwear and beachwear

The right choice of a swimsuit can also exquisitely distract attention from the flaws of the figure. The optimal lineup: continuous swimsuits, products with a tight bodice and high panties or with panties and skirts.

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