5 Fascinating Facts on Prevention of Acne (Pimples)

    Prevention of Acne

    Why do pimples develop on the facial skin? 

    Acne is a skin disorder that affects people of different ages. They mainly occur on the skin surface exposed to the sun often the youth age brackets are the most affected. 

    Pimples are one of the signs that sprouts on your face when you develop acne skin disorder. Other signs of acne disorder are whiteheads and blackheads.

    ?It has multiple blemishes that result from acne disorder. The disorder is best treated by the skin specialist known as the dermatologist. Basically acne disorder happens to a person due to;

    • Accumulation of dead skin cells (follicular hyperkeratinization).
    • Overproduction of oil that blocks the air pores known as sebum.
    • Bacteria present in the pores (Propionibacterium).
    • Skin inflammation causing the redness.

    Because of the variation of treatment, dermatologists have understood on how to fulfil the patient’s demand. Therapy was conducted on different patients after the awareness of the pathogens causing acne disorder.

    Here are the ways you need to employ to prevent acne disorder in on your face, regardless of the cause.

    Make Use of Topical Retinoid

    Topical retinoid is drugs used to manage and prevent acne. They are derived from vitamin A. Retinoid unclog the pores and protect the pores from clogging.

     Not only do they get rid of excess dead skin cells, but they also reduce the inflammation. More so, retinoid has been used for more than 30years, which makes it to be the first reliable during therapy.  

    Avoid Foods Causing Acne

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    Imagine avoiding the best food that you crave for.  It is not that easy, but acne comes ones there exist a lot of oil under your skin which causes the closure of the pores. 

    Research conducted by the America Academy of Dermatology said that foods with high glycemic index increase the trigger of developing acne or at times it worsens for the ones affected.

    Food related infections only happens to some patients. Foods that have a lot of sugar, contains a lot of starch giving a high chance of developing acne disorder. 

    Try to limit the consumption of such foods because they cause the increase of oil produced in the skin.

    Keep Your Face Clean

    Just as a sign of cleanliness, it is important to wash your face more than once in a day. Usually, oil, dead skin cells and impurities accumulate on the surface of your face. It is recommended to use warm water and a mild facial cleanser. 

    By doing this you remove all the dirt from the surface that would have caused the acne disorder to develop. Apply moisturizer oil-free to avoid it from drying.

    Don’t use a rough material to scrub your face harshly. Use a smooth material like a sponge after which you rinse with a lot of clean water.


    As a fact, most applications are done on the skin. However, most of them make the skin dry. Due to the dryness, your body releases more oil. The oil clogs on the pores leading to breakouts. Using the correct moisturizer protects your skin from dry effect.

    Comedogenic skin applicants brings a drying effect on the skin. For this reason ensure that you get non-comedogenic. Usually, they make your skin moisturized which allow the oil no to clog closing the opening. In turn the oil is excreted outside making the skin free from acne disorder.

    Stay Out of the Sun

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    Sun basking provides the body with vitamin d that helps in the straightening of the born. But do you know that if you stay in direct sun for a long time causes rashes. 

     The rashes erupt due to the sun rays to people who are under 40 years of age. Most victims are the ones with skins that are sensitive to the ultraviolet rays. 

    The rash is known as a polymorphic light eruption. Poly means that the rashes appear differently in individuals. Rashes mainly occur on the hands, feet, arms, chest area, and the face as parts that were exposed to ultraviolet rays.

    When they appear, they itch and consist of red bumps. The face is rarely affected, though it doesn’t mean that it isn’t affected.

    How do you prevent the sun from causing the rashes to your skin?

    • Reduce the time you expose your body to the ultraviolet rays.
    • Wear long-sleeved shirts and a broad-brimmed hat.
    • Apply sunscreen with 6%zinc oxides at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.
    • Read the instructions of any lotion you apply on your skin.

    Acne disorders can be prevented by observing the steps above. Since, there is no specific age over which the disorder targets, we all are prone to it. Check on your diet always as oily foods add oil on your skin which can lead to acne disorder.

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