Facts About the Badrinath You Never Know

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Badrinath or Badrinarayan temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is situated in the town of Badrinath in uttarakhand, India where the name has originated. Badrinath is one of the holy Char Dham and Chota Char Dham.

It is sometimes become difficult for the older age group to reach the temple of Badrinath so you can choose to go with the char dham yatra by helicopter. Here is the facts about the holy Badrinath temple that you might never know.

  1. The badrinath temple is located near the Alaknanda river situated above the Garhwal hills.
  2. This temple is opened for 6 months (April to November) and rest time it is closed due to the cold temperature and snowfall.
  3. The temple is situated at a very high altitude of 3300mts and the climate around the area remains cold most of the time in the year.
  4. Here is the place where the Sage Vyas narrated the whole epic story of Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha.
  5. One such story was when Pandavas along with their wife Draupadi after the battle of the Mahabharata left the kingdom to their journey to heaven, they took rest at a place which was near the Badrinath temple.
  6. The temple is one of 108 Divya Desams which are committed to the Lord Vishnu who is workshipped as the Badrinath for Vashnavites.
  7. The temple of Badrinath is differentiated into three structures ? the Garbhagriha which is the sanctum, the Darshan Mandap which is the workship hall, and the Sabha Mandap which is the convention hall.
  8. The history of the Badrinath temple is unknown but there is a mention in the Vedic scriptures of the Lord Badrinath of around 500BC.
  9. According to the legend, once Lord Vishnu sat in meditation in the same place where the Badrinath temple is situated but the weather was so cold. Lord Vishnu was unaware of the cold weather so in order to protect him from the cold weather Goddess Lakshmi came to protect him in form of Badri tree which is also known as the Indian date tree or Jujube.
  10. Temple is mentioned in the ancient religious texts like Vishnu and Skanda Puraan.
  11. The queen of Indore gifted a golden umbrella when she visited the temple of Badrinath after the completion of the temple.
  12.  The shrine of the Lord Vishnu is made of the gold coating and it is 3.3ft tall. It is said that the Lord Vishnu resides under that shrine under the Badri Tree.

Trip to Badrinath

If you are planning to go on a trip to Badrinath make sure to have winter clothes with you because the weather is so cold most of the times all year.

Also to keep in mind that the temple is opened for only 6 months in a year. Excursion will be incomplete if you don?t visit the complete circuit of Chota Char Dham or the Char Dham across the country.

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