How Do I Export My iPhone Contacts in Bulk?


Facing trouble resolving how do I export my iPhone contacts in bulk? Then read this blog. We have contact files in our phones, computers, and there are several email client which also creates contact files of .vcf extension. Here I will give you one solution that helps converting .vcf files to another desired file format. To import vCard file, the most important thing is choosing a secure method, otherwise users may lose their important contacts’ detail. You can rely on the below mentioned technique, because it is a well-scrutinized and recommended vCard Tool. 

A Reliable vCard Converter Tool to Export Contacts to Another Format

CubexSoft vCard Converter is an essential tool to transfer vCard files to another file formats  in bulk such as PST, PDF, HTML, HTML, MSG, CSV and many more. It gives users a platform which is 100% trustworthy, accurate, and also full of advanced and convenient functionalities. It is an offline solution, so you just don’t need to upload data online.  And this way of file migration helps you getting rid of very limitation that incurs when we convert vCard files through manual method. Users must go for this method, as it effectively resolves how do I export my iPhone contacts in bulk. Now let’s discuss the procedure to convert vCard file to PST below: 

How to Export vCard Files to Another Format? –Follow These Guidelines

Step1: Firstly install vCard Export on Windows Operating System. 

Step2: Then choose required vCard data via “Add Files” and “Add Folder”. 

Step3: Now on the screen take a glance at all the selected files, use “Remove” and “Remove All” options, if you want to deselect any item. 

Step4: Users can select the particular desired format now. Users can also use vCard Split option to split one vCard file to multiple VCF files. There is an option also available to merge multiple vCard files into one through vCard Merge Option. 

Step5: Users may also convert the vCard file version from 2.1 to 3.0 or vice versa. Now click on “Export”, from here the processing starts. 

All Aspects of vCard Converter Tool

vCard Export Software avails batch migration facility so that users may import multiple files in singe round. And users may export vCard files of the editions like 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. The software supports vCard files from email clients, computers, cloud email apps, smartphones, mail servers etc. There are many vCard supported email apps that are supportable by this software like GSuite, Outlook, iCloud, Google Contacts, Thunderbird, and Firefox, etc. 

It keeps the folder structure of the file as it is. And all the contacts detailing are well preserved during conversion of VCF. Also, this method makes vCard file migration very simple that any user who has not such technical background may run it, with no hassle. Users are permitted to choose the saving path for output accordingly. And user receives an instant report of the file conversion in TXT format. 

End Note 

After reading the above article, now it is easy to resolve how do I export my iPhone contacts in bulk for users. Users may download vCard Export Tool on Windows Operating System, such as Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and so on. Users may opt for a free demo option before purchasing the license key, 5 VCF files can export to other format for free of cost.