Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

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Weight Loss Workout Plan: Your Fitness Plan If You Want To Lose Weight

If you?re trying to slim down or tone your body, you should embrace weight loss exercises customized to match your goals. Having a workout plan will help you lose weight more effectively because you can track your progress. You also avoid last-minute guesswork because workouts are planned. Besides workouts, you also need to incorporate a diet plan. A bad diet will negate your gains. Here?s a breakdown of your fitness plan if you want to lose weight.

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Research by the?National Institute of Health?indicates, besides helping you lose weight, exercise is linked to other benefits, including stronger bones, improved mood, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. Choosing the right exercise will help you lose weight and also provide additional benefits that can improve your quality of life. Here are top exercises to incorporate into your workout plan for the best results.

1. Jogging and Running?

Jogging and running is an effective weight loss exercise. Although these sound similar, the difference is that in jogging, you maintain a pace between 4 ? 6 mph, while running requires a pace faster than 6 mph.?Harvard Health?estimates that an adult weighing about 155 pounds (70 kgs) burns approximately 298 calories for every 30 minutes of jogging, or 372 calories for every 30 minutes of running. More studies have also shown running helps in?burning harmful visceral fat, also known as belly fat, which is linked with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

2. Weight Training?

This is one of the best weight loss workouts because of how quickly you can achieve results. With weight training, you can burn at least 112 calories per 30 minutes of workout. Also, it helps to build muscle strength and promotes muscle growth, which raises your resting metabolic rate, or the calories your body burns at rest.

Doing 11 minutes of strength-based workout 3 times a week increases your metabolic rate by up to 7.4% on average. Additional studies on?the effect of strength training on metabolic rate?showed that adhering to a 24-week weight training plan increases metabolic rate by 9% in men, which is equivalent to burning approximately 140 calories a day. Among women, the rate was almost 4%, or burning 50 calories per day.

3. Interval Training?

Interval training includes short sessions of intense workout with alternate recovery periods. Usually, the workout lasts 10 ? 30 minutes and can help you burn many calories. Studies have shown that with interval training, you can burn 25 ? 30% more calories compared to other exercises. It?s easy to incorporate into your workout routine because all you need is to pick the type of exercise, such as biking, jumping, or running, and rest times.

Mastering Your Weight Loss Plan

Besides embracing these weight loss tips, you also need to understand how to squeeze workout into your weight loss routine. It?s recommended to mix both cardio-heavy workouts with full-body strength exercises. For example, you can incorporate two days of full-body workout then four days of cardio. After this, you need to also add an active recovery day. When planning your workout plan, quality is more important than quantity.

Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Without a good diet, your weight loss journey will not yield much. Before you begin your workout sessions, you need strength and energy, especially if you?re doing exercises that require endurance. A?stimulant free pre workout?supplement is a good option if you don?t want to get into preparing food.?

Embrace a diet filled with veggies, fruit, and fiber. Cutting calories does not translate to eating less food. Although there?s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet choice, cutting carbs has also shown excellent results in helping people lose weight.

You could also consume a lot of soluble fiber, which absorbs water and creates a gel that slows down food as it moves down your digestive system. Fibers help you feel full, so you lose weight fast naturally because you eat less. Also, avoid too much alcohol as it makes you gain belly fat. Experimentation with different diet plans, including intermittent fasting, will help you find the sweet spot and stick with what works for you.


Weight loss is a journey that requires deliberate measures if you want to achieve your goals. The first thing when planning for weight loss is to consider your diet. That?s usually the origin of unwanted weight gain, so fixing it would help you win half the battle. The next step is to focus on a workout plan that drives the shedding of weight. Observe what works for you and maintain the rhythm.

How has your weight loss journey looked? Share some ideas to help people looking to lose weight and become healthy. Leave a comment below.

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