The wheel was created during the Bronze age, around 3500 BC ? a man?s biggest innovation. The word ?wheel? has been derived from the French word ?tirer,? which means ?to pull.? At first, a wheel was just a curved piece of wood. Leather was added to soften the ride. This would guard the wheels of the carts and wagons from hasty wear and tear.

Benz invented the first gasoline car in 1888, fitted with metal tyres covered with air-filled rubber. This was the beginning of the pneumatic tyre. Tubeless tyres were developed in 1947 to relieve the high cost of oil prices. The radial tyre was invented in the 1950s, and so on. 

So that?s the highlight of the evolution of rubber tyres we use today. Whether you go to the USA, UAE, or anywhere globally, you will find rubber car tyres everywhere.?

rubber tyre evolution

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History Of Rubber Tyres

In the 1800s, Charles Macintosh experimented with sap from trees in amazon areas to make rubber. But, it could not endure the weather extremities. Charles Goodyear discovered vulcanized rubber in 1839 by adding Sulphur, making it elastic and durable, sufficient to be used as cushion tyres for bicycles.

In 1845 the pneumatic or air-filled tyres were developed and patented by Robert William Thomson, a Scottish inventor. His design had numerous thin tubes inside a leather cover so that the tyre could absorb shocks. But it never went into manufacture because of several limitations.

However, John Boyd Dunlop, in 1888 Ireland, came up with the first hands-on pneumatic tyre, which later became Dunlop tyres. He also verified the first pneumatic or air-filled tyres on a tricycle and took it for a whirl. Pneumatic tyres gained their fame due to the growing use of bicycles in the late 18th century. 

The Michelin brothers invented the detachable pneumatic tyre in 1891, which could be used on automobiles. The Michelin tyre consisted of a tube bolted onto the rim. Making pneumatic rubber tyre experienced tremendous engineering developments for the next fifty years after its creation. During this period, vehicles were using different forms of bias-ply tyres. The bias-ply tyre had an inner tube containing compressed pressure and an outer casing to protect the inner tube and offer traction. The outer casing was secure with plys of rubberized fabric cords. 

Invention Of Radial Tyres

Michelin tyres developed the radial tyres in 1946. They became more popular than bias-ply tyre across Europe and Asia because of their ability to offer better hold and fuel efficiency. However, the implementation rate of the radial tyres was particularly slow since it meant switching to a new suspension system.

The Tyre Industry In Dubai??

Dubai has arisen as a leading supplier of tyres, tubes, and batteries to many international markets. With a well-organized retail and wholesale sector, the tyre exports and re-exports business in Dubai has emerged as a major supplier in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  

Dubai?s strategic geographical location and its excellent shipping connections to various parts of the world have helped the city appear a major business hub in the Middle East. The growing reputation of the tyre business in Dubai can be gauged because this market is expected to grow approximately 30% in the next five years. 

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