Rest, Relax And Enjoy A Stress-Free Holiday Vacation

Whether you?re heading to the beach with your partner, taking a solo trip to clear your mind, or traveling to visit relatives, it?s time for your vacation. No matter what your inbox looks like at work, you deserve this break. 

But how can you ensure a stress-free vacation? Consider these tips to help you get the most out of your time off, presented by Just Get Blogging.

Home Security While You?re Gone

Setting timers on interior lights to make it look like you are home, alerting your alarm company of your travel plans, and securing valuables in a safe deposit box are a few of the ways you can secure your home while you are away. It?s also best to stop your mail and newspaper delivery. If you need to hide a key, Bustle suggests being smart about it, and never leaving a key under the welcome mat or any of the other obvious places. Even though you may be excited about your upcoming getaway, never broadcast your plans, especially the dates you will be gone, on social media.?

Pack Smart

You?ve waited all year and really deserve the time off, but thinking of all the things you have to get ready before you can leave can cause anxiety. Take the advice of those who travel a lot for their jobs. They don?t have the luxury of stressing over what to bring. They?ve learned through experience what they need, what they don?t need, and what they can buy if they have to. 

The verdict is in: the roll method really works. You can pack more clothes in your suitcase without wrinkling them. Or you can consider packing cubes, which are the perfect shape to make the most of the space and keep you organized.?

Nonstop points out that the number one item left at hotels is a phone charger. Rest easy by bringing an extra for your favorite device. You may not need it, but if you do, you?ll be glad you packed it. We rely so much on our phones these days, especially while we?re away.

Travel Smart

Whether you?re driving or flying, do your research ahead of time. For example, if you expect that the fastest route by car is the most heavily traveled, consider a longer, more scenic ride that won?t rattle your nerves. When flying, make sure you check the airline’s restrictions ahead of time about carry-on luggage and fees for checked bags. advises you to book your flight at an unpopular time. It?s also best to travel mid-week and arrive at the airport early to avoid long lines at security.??

If it?s relaxation you want, why not start the pampering with your flight? Think about upgrading your airline ticket to premium economy class. For as little as $15 each way, you can have plenty of legroom and a larger personal video screen, among other perks. If you?ve got noise canceling earphones they can reduce the sound of the plane?s engines. But a pair of earplugs cost next to nothing for the same effect.?

If you travel abroad and hit a snag, keep in mind there are low-cost ways to receive funds from the US or wherever you call home. When you’re vacationing in places like the Dominican Republic, Cancun, or Rio, there are money transfer services that cost little or nothing to get funds to you fast. For example, you can send Brazilian Reais for as little as $5.99 using Remitly, and you can transfer funds straight from your phone.

Stress-Free Vacations

While you can?t control canceled flights or traffic jams, you can control your expectations. There are likely to be a few hiccups so be ready to roll with it. Part of the fun is the improvisations along the way. Make planning a team effort. When everyone has a voice, they tend to be more satisfied with their experience.?

Take a deep breath and try to remember why you?re taking this vacation in the first place.  It?s time to wind down after a busy year and reflect upon what really matters.

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