3 Solutions to Convert, Read, and Print EML Emails to PDF Documents

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Are you grappling with the challenge of converting EML files to PDF? Do you seek a solution for batch converting EML files to PDF? If you’re facing such a dilemma, this blog post offers insights into converting email files to PDF format. The article presents both a free manual approach and a professional solution for moving EML files to PDF. Read on to discover the complete procedure for batch converting.eml to PDF. Let’s begin with the manual approach!

Exporting EML Files to PDF Using Mozilla Thunderbird

This section introduces the manual approach for exporting email files to PDF, accomplished with the aid of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. The process involves two phases: drag and drop the EML files into Thunderbird, and phase 2 includes the steps to transfer email files from Thunderbird to PDF.


  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird on your system and create an account if you are not a user.
  • Install the IMPORT/EXPORT add-on in Thunderbird.
  • Take a backup of the email mailbox to restore data in case of data loss or file corruption.
  • After fulfilling the above conditions, follow the instructions provided below:

Step 1: Open Thunderbird and drag and drop EML files.

  • Launch the Thunderbird software on your computer.
  • In Thunderbird, make a new folder and give it a meaningful name. Hold the folder open.
  • Find the location of the email mailbox storage and pick up the necessary EML files.
  • The chosen EML files can be dropped into the newly established folder’s center pane.

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Step 2: Convert EML to PDF in Thunderbird

  • After dropping and dragging the EML files into Thunderbird, choose the newly created folder.
  • Access the menu bar and choose the Tools option.
  • After selecting the Import/Export Add-on from the drop-down menu, click OK.
  • From the menu, choose “Export all messages in the folder.”
  • From the list of supported file types that appear, select PDF.
  • A popup box titled “If you export in this format, the attachment is not saved” will show up. If you want to keep the attachments, choose a different format.”
  • To proceed with the conversion, click the “OK” button.
  • The selected EML files will begin to be converted from Thunderbird to PDF.

Direct Method to Convert Email to PDF File Format

If you find the manual approach less appealing and prefer a direct migration solution, consider using the FixVare EML to PDF Converter Tool. This professional third-party tool is specifically designed to address EML mailbox conversion issues.

The software facilitates the batch migration of e-mail files to PDF layout in a single processing session. There is no requirement for the setup of an e-mail-supported utility to convert email files to PDF layouts. The Email Files to PDF Converter is appropriate for both technical and non-technical users, featuring a simple and non-complicated operating structure.

This tool affords the flexibility to trade the saving region, allowing users to keep the ensuing PDF document on a preferred path. Users can also determine the naming mixture for saving the PDF documents.

Explore More about the FixVare EML to PDF Converter

This tool gives a couple of alternatives for creating PDF documents, enabling users to either generate a single PDF report for all EML files or store them in separate folders as PDFs. It serves as a complete mailbox solution that supports saving EML attachments in diverse ways: embedding attachments in a separate folder, changing attachments to PDF, and extracting attachments one by one. The device includes a PDF web page setting function to assist users in creating custom-designed PDF documents. Additionally, users can practice selective filters to save handiest the required e-mail files in PDF layout with no needless delays.

Final Thoughts

This blog post provides complete data about converting email files to PDF layouts. Its goal is to help clients learn how to batch convert. Eml to PDF report format. Initially, we offer an explanation of the manual approach to migrating email mailbox facts to PDF format through Mozilla Thunderbird, outlining specific situations that want to be determined in advance rather than following the steps.

If you are not able to fulfill those conditions and would like an instantaneous solution, you could opt for the expert answer, the EML to PDF Converter Software. In conclusion, information conversion from one report format to another turns into a straightforward project with effective techniques that are reachable.

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