Efficient Car Packing Hacks for a Road Trip

car parking hacks

When most of us think about road trips, we think about fun, adventure, freedom, and spontaneity. We rarely think about one of the most important parts of a road trip and that’s car packing.

If you’re getting ready for a fun road trip, you’re probably in dire need of some car-packing tips and hacks. Because honestly, trying to fit everything in a car can be pretty challenging.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry, because we’ve got you covered. We made a list of all the essential things you’ll need for the car trip and all the best ways to fit them in your car. Let’s take a look.

Essential items for the road trip

Let’s start with all the essentials you’ll be needing for your road trip. In addition to clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other personal items, you’ll also need a first-aid kit, maps, road directions, snacks, water, a spare tire, a tire jack, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet roll, and a reusable bag or two.

First-Aid kit

Packing a first-aid kit should be a priority as you never know when you might need it. Usually, people place the first-aid kit in the glove box so that it’s handy. Inside the kit, you should have bandages, safety pins, antiseptic, and other similar items.

Maps and road directions

Bringing a map or some sort of road direction device is crucial, especially if you’re going somewhere remote and unfamiliar.

Food and water

Snacks and water or a beverage of some kind, are also a must because you may need a boost of energy throughout the day, and on the road, there aren’t always places where you can get those.

Make sure you bring some healthy snacks that will keep you full and give you energy such as granola bars, nuts and dry fruit, or something similar.

As for drinks, water is crucial – and at least 2 to 3 liters per adult in the car. Other drinks are optional, as long as they aren’t alcoholic. You can bring with you your amazing personalised stubby holders that will keep your drinks cool and your hands warm.

Spare tire and a tire jack

A spare tire and a tire jack seem like logical things to bring on a road trip. You probably already have a spare tire in your car, just check to see if it’s in good condition. If not, replace it. A tire jack can come in handy if an accident happens.

Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet rolls and reusable bag

As for hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and toilet rolls, there isn’t much to be said; it all seems pretty self-explanatory. You’ll need to take bathroom breaks so having all of these items is a must. And finally, you never know when you may need a reusable bag, so make sure you have it close to you.

How to pack a car for a road trip

Now that you know the essential items you should take on a road trip, we can discuss the car packing hacks.

Roll your clothing

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have a ton of clothing ready to pack for a trip. If that’s the case, you’ll need to be smart about how you pack them. The best way to store clothing is in packing cubes or space bags.

If you decide to pack in cubes, organize and divide your clothing. Then, instead of stacking, roll your clothes in bundles and place them in packing cubes. Not only is this packing strategy more space-saving but it also keeps your clothing relatively wrinkle-free.

After all that is done, you can place the packing cubes in the trunk of your car for easy access.

Utilize space bags

As mentioned, you can place your clothing in space bags, but people usually put linen, blankets, and pillows in these bags. Jackets and other bulky items should also be packed in space bags.

Since all these items take up too much space, these bags will be a good solution. Put your items in them and just remove the air, and voila. You can now place them anywhere and they won’t take up too much space.

Utilize every inch of space

There are nooks and crannies in every car that can be smartly used when packing for a road trip. Underutilized spaces such as under the seats, glove compartment, center console, pockets on the back of front seats, and so on, can be used as storage.

We already mentioned that your first-aid kit should go into the glove compartment, but there’s still space in there for either your toiletries or hand sanitizers, wipes, and toilet paper. Under the seats you can put shoes or clothing cubes, or whatever you need.

The center console is perfect for chargers and other tech. And in back pockets, you can place food and drinks.

Invest in a trunk organizer

Another great idea would be to invest in a trunk organizer. A tunks organizer is a reinforced multi-compartment bag that allows you to maximize your trunk space.

In it, you can store whatever you’d like. From food and drinks to miscellaneous things, you might need on the road.

Compartmentalize everything

Compartmentalizing things will help you know where everything is and it will be easier to get to it. That’s why you shouldn’t be lazy and compartmentalize everything.

Put clothing on one end of the trunk, food, and drinks on the other, and so on. Simply find a system that will work for you and organize it that way.

Roof cargo carrier

Another great option, if you can invest in it, is a car roof cargo carrier. This storage space is ideal for long trips because it can store bulky items that would otherwise take up space in your car.

Inside it you can place clothing, camping gear, and other things you won’t reach for too often.

Wrapping up

Packing your car for a road trip is all about making the most out of every little nook and cranny. It’s also about finding a good system that will allow you to easily get to all of your things.

Things that you’ll be using the most should be packed so that they are accessible from either the trunk or side doors. And that’s the jist of it.

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