7 Ed-tech Tools needed for your Smart Classroom

Smart classrooms are the present and future of the education sector. Although there has been a lot of buss around these, there is little knowledge about these classrooms. Therefore, we bring to you the essential ed-tech tools you need to run smart classrooms in smart schools.

1 The Interactive Whiteboard

A whiteboard is called the backbone of digital classrooms. They provide teachers with interactive panels to engage students better in the classroom. They have replaced the traditional, non-interactive blackboards as they draw attention and fire up curiosity in the students.

When connected with other devices in the classroom, such as the teacher?s laptop, this interactive whiteboard enables flexibility in curriculums. It has multiple touchpoints on the screen that allow more than two to four people to use the board simultaneously. This will allow students to draw and point at it, thus, increasing their interest. This way, they improve communication and connectivity in the classroom.

2 Digital Devices

Remote classrooms is a reality. It is an excellent alternative to traditional classrooms. Teachers can rely on digital devices like laptops, tablets and other classroom learning gadgets to teach and solve problems of students sitting at their homes. Students can also attend their classes, do research and assignments, and submit them remotely with the help of these digital devices.

3 A Charging Station

To enable electronic learning successfully, you need to have charging stations in smart schools. There are charging carts and charging cabinets constructed with very high-quality materials that provide good security and backup to the digital classrooms. There are variations of these charging stations ? smart cycles, intelligent charging cabinets, etc. that help increase the life of digital classroom devices.

4 Education Applications

Customised apps for education have come a long way since their inception. Teachers can utilise material from outside their own curriculum in their school by integrating it via some valuable applications. This way, they can improvise curriculums from time to time. In addition, some apps help the teachers plan events, schedule functions remotely and perform administrative functions for efficient classroom management.

5 Excellent Presentation Equipment

Kids tend to pick up well when something is taught to them via visualisers such as projectors and document cameras. They can help students understand complex mathematics and science puzzles very quickly. They never miss even the slightest detail; due to their streaming and annotation.

6 Distance Learning Apparatus

There is a lack of good expert teachers in many districts in India. You can use conferencing systems to teach anywhere in the world by connecting with students anywhere. Using this apparatus, you can arrange lectures from guest speakers and experts from around the globe.

7 Class Recording Cameras

This part is mainly overlooked. In a smart classroom, you should have the capability to record and stream the lecture. Recording class will provide options to students to come back and look at the lecture later on if they find any difficulty understanding a concept.

Students are already stressed sitting at home with no options of playing outside. Their parents can also help them with a topic if they have access to a recorded lecture. They can go back and clear any doubts anytime they want. For instance, they can take the help of the recorded lecture while preparing for exams.

We have discussed the top seven devices you need to conduct a digital class without any bottlenecks. So invest in them and see your students enjoying learning and studying more than ever before. These are some tips that you can use to enhance the classroom learning experience of your students. All the best!