Ecommerce Financing: How to Improve Revenue with a Consumer Checkout Option


Nowadays there are several ways following which you can improve your ecommerce conversion rate. Ecommerce financing is an effective business strategy you must utilize as a retailer to grow your selling rate. If you don’t know how to utilize e-commerce financing effectively in your business, then this article is for you. Go through this article to know about how to improve e-commerce customer checkout options.

1. Avail Buy Now Pay Later Option

Providing customers with the option to buy now and pay later is a fantastic approach to provide them with financial freedom. Buy now pay later is a type of short-term financing that allows customers to make interest-free payments on goods while companies are paid upfront. Customers love these facilities as they don’t need to make payments at the time of purchase. So if they don’t manage the budget while purchasing it doesn’t seem to be a big problem as they get a chance to pay later. Eventually, it increases your selling rate and decreases card abandonment.

2. Incorporate subscription plan

Finding a method to include a subscription or membership option in your e-commerce store is a wise decision. Sometimes customers find that the shipping charge is too high, which demotivates them to purchase a product. Thus by incorporating a subscription plan you can provide shipping free of cost to those customers who purchase your subscription once at a time in the year. Therefore the consumers feel free to go with your products utilizing membership at an affordable cost.

3. Make the whole process simple

The abandonment of shopping carts depends on a variety of reasons. If the procedure takes too long or is too complex the customers avoid choosing your e-commerce store. Remove any actions that aren’t essential. During the checkout process, remove the necessity to establish an account. Remove any fields that aren’t required. On a mobile device, PayPal’s one-click checkout is available nowadays. When you utilize a payment processor that supports it, you can achieve one-click checkout. Therefore go for it leading to an increased selling rate of your e-commerce store products.

4. Improve User Experience

Sometimes customers don’t feel like purchasing from your e-commerce store as they don’t like the UI of your application. Accept multiple payment options. You may improve the loading time by minimizing ads, plugins, and graphics. Speed up the checkout process and incorporate options that can auto-fill address and payment information, which is often a hassle on mobile. 

Speeding up the process and eliminating the need to use a physical credit assures customers. So, customers feel less worried about security. Thus by incorporating more security protocols and improving UI you can increase the conversation rate.

5. Avail consumer credit card

Ecommerce financing offers a customer credit card option that is a newly launched strategy. Consumer credit products that function similarly to credit cards. They provide customers with a line of credit that they pay off over time. Customers can use this alternate credit option instead of pulling out their credit card at checkout. When a client decides to pay with credit online for the first time, he or she is given a few approval questions before the lender makes a decision. The transaction is handled and the sale is finalized if it is approved. Within a few days, the retailer usually receives 100% of the selling proceeds. From the merchant’s standpoint, your role is finished. The financial link between your consumer and the lender is direct. Ultimately it increases your conversion rate leading to an increased selling rate.

6. Avail offers for the consumers

Some lenders will go above and beyond simply extending loans to assist shops to sell more by providing attractive incentives to their consumers. Special financing offers on purchases exceeding a specific monetary level, as well as monthly payment choices over a set length of time, such as six, twelve, or eighteen months, are examples. Besides, arrange special offers, discounts, free items to attract your old customers as well as to get new customers lead.

This is all about how ecommerce financing works. Hope now you know how to utilize e-commerce financing in your business leading to success. Adopting these strategies may increase your e-commerce conversion rate as well as improve revenue with these consumer checkout options.�

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