Top 5 Easy Cleaning Methods For New Homeowners

Moving into a new home, even if there weren`t previous owners, still doesn?t make the new home equal a squeaky clean home. Empty or not, house cleaning is a part of every person?s weekly schedule anyway, and don?t you love seeing the house clean at any time of the day? And even if you do find cleaning a boring activity that takes too long to do, this short article will cover a few methods to get it done quickly and easily o always have your home in top shape!

Declutter your home

The fastest cleaning is done when the surfaces and storage are filled with the things that already have their place. It is important to notice that this means that those surfaces and storage aren?t crammed. Take time to throw away or give away the things you don?t need (for example the clothes you haven?t worn for 3 years and don?t plan to in the near future), categorize, and find a place for. Even if you don?t like it, try to get some inspiration from?a minimalist lifestyle?? it can help you realize where to put your attention for a declutter session. The point of having free space is not only for easy cleaning but for your sake as well. Cleaned and spacious spaces help us rest and enjoy the time spent inside, since many things around us and out of order raise the alertness of having to do this or that, making you feel anxious about chilling in your own space.

Cleaning Priorities

Three top spots to clean, especially if you are just moving in, are the bathroom, the kitchen, and the mattress. When cleaning your bathroom, pay special attention to places that are often skipped. Faucets and drains always need a deep cleaning ? the baking soda and vinegar topped with a strong flush of hot water might just do the trick. For toilet seats and toilette brushes, just go ahead and replace them. It?s a small expense, but the most efficient way to ensure they are clean. 

Moving to the kitchen, start from the fridge and give it a thorough cleaning treatment with the dish soap and baking soda if there is a need for a thorough scrub. Clean the backs of all the storage units, especially paying attention to vacuum and clean the backs of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove. Clean the insides of the dishwasher and washing machine by turning them empty (add the baking soda and white vinegar solution) on the longest programme. 

The last bit is a bit unexpected, but the professionals at?Access Carpet Care?state that your mattress holds dust and build-up with hidden allergens that can aggravate asthma and many allergies. It is best to let the professionals handle your place for precious rest.?

Top to bottom

Don?t start cleaning by cleaning the coffee table, then the sofa, the shelf, and go whichever. Start from the top by dusting the corners and the lamps so that all of the dust that falls down still gets cleaned. Don?t forget the easily overlooked?high-touch surfaces, such as the tops of doors, windows and window treatments, light switches, and closet interiors.?

For these small and hard-to-clean areas, a good vacuum attachment will help you suck up the dust, after which you can then follow up with clean damp rags to finish cleaning and add the shine. Starting from the top, you will save time, and you can even see where the dust is pilling up the most and try to rearrange the room so that the dustiest corner gets some ?space to breathe.  

Left to right

The next method is also bound to help you spend less time cleaning in time. When entering the room to start cleaning, start from the one corner and go clockwise. When you switch parts of the room that you are cleaning you can easily overlook something or get overwhelmed upon finding some surface cluttered and finish cleaning without actually finishing. 

Further raising the efficiency, try first preparing all the tools and cleaning products you need, so that you have them at arm’s reach. With this key step, you won’t waste time walking back and forth to the cabinet under the sink. A tip for the end of cleaning is to finish with vacuuming. Here is a secret to effective and efficient vacuuming: do the entire length of the room in a straight row, then move over and start again at the front of the room.

Daily speed cleaning and scheduling

The best way to shorten cleaning time is to do daily short cleaning tasks, like cleaning surfaces in one room, or doing a part of the laundry, cleaning only window in one room, sorting laundry when it dries (not days later), and many smaller tasks can be a ?short break? from work if you work remotely, for example. With?speed cleaning, deep cleaning will not last that long, and the house on the clock will look more cleaned and kept up than if only cleaned once a month. The key to keeping your home clean is consistency.?

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