Double Wide Modular Homes First Step Towards Comfort

double wide mobile home

Are you looking for a module or mobile home that is big enough to fit your requirements? Or you want to know about the spacious system-built homes? If that is the case, then you are at the right place.

This article will answer all your questions about double-wide modular/mobile homes. It includes all the necessary information to get before buying a double-wide modular home or an office/ work area for yourself.

What Is A Double Wide Modular Home?

A double-wide modular home, also known as a double-wide mobile home, is a type of home that is a system built indoors in a factory-like setting and, as the name suggests, consists of two joined sections that form a larger home. It has a metal frame around it.

Double wide modular homes and double-wide mobile homes are almost the same. They have a similar composition. Their manufacturing place is also the same. A small difference between the two is that module homes cannot be directly moved to another location, while mobile homes can be easily moved to another site once assembled on the ground.

Such homes do not require a foundation or basement; that is one reason for their reduced costs. As they do not require a foundation, you can install them on piers.

Manufacturing And Installation Procedure

Double wide modular homes Kamloopsis providing you homes that are built indoors in bulk on a climate-controlled site, and we then transport them to their location where professional builders assemble them. Their assembly is much like building with Lego blocks.

They are available in different layouts. You have varied style and layout choices in double wide mobile home Canada, and we build them to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits Of A Double Wide Modular Home

 Costs Less

As compared to site-built homes, Double wide modular homes Kamloops is much cheaper. They do not require any foundation or basement; hence can also be built on piers. They need parallel space at the line where the two sections of the house meet.Note that the cost of the home depends on the complexity of layout and design.

 Saves Time And Effort

Building a double wide mobile home Canada also saves your time along money. You do not have to worry about the climate during the manufacturing process because they get manufactured indoors.

The time required for building your home will decrease by about 35 percent if you use this service. As a result, they are manufactured in weeks instead of months and installed in a few days.

 No Home Inspections Are Needed.

You don’t have to worry about the quality and visit the construction site for inspections because double wide modular homes Kamloops are professionally designed and engineered according to the current housing trends.

 No Engineers/Construction Workers Required

Going for double-wide mobile homes, you do not have to pay for engineers, architects, and construction workers and still get a house with a beautiful and safe home transported to the home site.

 You Can Also Use Them Commercially.

Double wide mobile homes can also be custom-built and used commercially as offices or a spacious work area.

Built According To Current Housing Trends

These houses are prefabricated and laid out according to the current trends of housing. In this way, they fit the need of many people looking for trendy and stylish homes.

Facilities Inside

Choosing a Double wide mobile home Canada, we provide you with many unique facilities you don’t get while going for a site-built home. Below are a few facilities that you get when paying for a Double wide modular home:

Spacious And Comfortable

A Double-wide modular home is more expansive than 20 feet and has an inner living space of more than 600 sq. feet because it has two sections which mean it gives you generous space for living.

Major Appliances

Once you have chosen to pay for a double-wide mobile home, you will get heating and cooling systems, vents, furnaces, luxurious bathrooms, and other major appliances along with the house.

 Customize According To Your Choice

You can have many options between size and style when you visit services for double-wide mobile home Canada. You can choose sizes between 560 to 784 square feet if you are looking for a mobile home with 2 bedrooms. You can also choose between different layout styles and get the one that suits your style and requirements.

 Interchanging Layouts

You can also change the layout in a modular home according to your choice to make it more appealing according to your requirements. The amount of selection of things you can do to change your modular homes’ settings is endless.

Is It Considered A ‘Real Property’?

You might have this question in mind that buying a modular house might not be considered property. The answer is that modular homes are considered real property.

As the double-wide modular homes are installed on the ground, they are real property and eligible for home loans. They are also HUD code means that the government has approved their designs as a complete housing package.

Insurance companies charge the same rates for double-wide modular homes as the site-built homes, and taxes are also the same for them as site-built homes.

Is It Safe In Storms?

These homes are safe and secure in storms. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency study on hurricanes’ effects, they noted minimal structural damage in the module houses. The damage was minimal because of the module-to-module combination of units which makes them rigid and safe.

The double-wide modular houses are spacious. They have trendy designs and are cheaper than traditional built-in site houses. They include all those facilities that you would like to have in your dream home. Avail of these services in your city and embody your dream design home without any limitations.

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