DIY Family Projects That Will Increase Your Home Value

Upgrading a home can boost its value, curb appeal, and build equity. However, not every family has funds at their disposal to afford a whole home renovation. Investing a little effort into the house with your family could boost its value. Most investors refer to this as sweat equity, and you do not need much money to invest. Here are a few ideas you and your family can use to improve your house this year.

Renovate the Interior

Once someone steps into your place, what kind of impression do they get? Your property’s interior can really make a huge difference to its value, so investing in it is vital. For example, covering up scratches and dirty paint will make it look better. Simply apply a tad of elbow grease, a few layers of paint, and viola. Select a neutral color to maximize its effectiveness, and use one that unifies the whole home.

Another interior upgrade option would be crown molding, and it is not too expensive. Brush up a room’s character by lining it with molding from the local hardware store. Fortunately, most crown molding comes with paint already applied to it. Nevertheless, it does require a touch of woodworking skill, although it is not hard.

After replacing the molding, look at your home’s interior fixtures, such as outlets. Replacing the outlet covers, curtain rods, and doorknobs is not overly expensive. Yet, these replacements can transform a home’s image, at least on the inside. In addition, many homeowners find applying spray paint to curtain rods to be useful. Since it costs much less than buying new ones, repainting the old rods should be considered.

Finally, check out your windows and think about investing time and effort there. Replace the plastic blinds and paper shades with plantation shutters or wooden blinds. For a marvelous effect, install drapes and watch the house transform.

Update the Kitchen

How do the cabinets appear in your home’s kitchen? If they are not bright and spotless, it may be time to repaint them with updated colors. Nevertheless, investing in all-new cabinetry could make an even bigger difference. Despite being more costly, new cabinets amplify a kitchen’s aesthetics quite a bit. Make sure to consider the color, as white cabinets brighten the space. Furthermore, they do not usually date and remove the hardware with ease.

Assuming you are limited on budget size, new knobs and handles still do a lot for the place’s vibe. If your cabinets have older-looking handles, go to the hardware store and buy new ones to use instead of them.

Surround Your Home With New Fencing

Whether your yard is small, large, or in-between, an aluminum fence would make it look fresh. Not to mention, adding aluminum fencing is a low-cost solution, separating yard space. If your pool has been attracting critters, circumvent them with a bunch of black bars. Likewise, your household does not need to hire a contractor to install the fences. Just get everyone to work together and drive them into the ground on your own. With clear installation instructions, these fences can be installed over the weekend.

Revamp the Exterior

When was the last time you added a fresh front door to your house? A simple steel door only costs around $100 if your budget is constrained, but another $100 opens a lot of options. Even if you cannot afford a full-sized replacement, painting the door is worthwhile. Gutter cleaning may not sound like it would support improved property value, but it does. Since it prevents water from overflowing into the easements, it also protects a home.

A pressure washer is an ingenious way to refresh a home’s exterior, and they are inexpensive to rent. Spray down the sidewalks, driveway, and garage. Then, once you have finished those spots, start peeling away dirt from the home’s facade. After cleaning it all off, repaint the exterior, or you can add some new siding. As a final project, look into floral arrangements you can plant yourself. Most of the time, a few flowers, trees, and ornamental shrubs would boost value a ton.

How to Boost Your Home’s Value With DIY Projects

Improving property value with hard work, discipline, and sacrifice is not difficult. Just take your family, invest in some supplies, and get to work on your next day off.


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