Learn about Different 2021 Honda CRV Trims and more

Honda decided to offer various trims for the 2021 CRV model. IT is one of the best-designed cars from Honda and users have mentioned how remarkable its performance is on road. For the 2021 version, Honda offers 7 trims for CRV and is one of the vehicles with most versions available from this global car manufacturer. Before you visit Yerba Buena Honda dealer, get to know the trims a bit in detail.?

LX, EX, and EX-L 

These three trims of CRV fall under starting category of the CRV. The LX variant is the base model of CRV and starts from $26,576. It lacks a lot of features and is paired with a 1.5L turbocharged engine that creates 190 horsepower. This trim offers ample power but still is not much impressive to most people, which is why they opt for higher-end models rather than this one.  

EX variant is next on the lineup and is better when it comes to ride quality and more. This version is priced by Honda at $29,086 and is considered to be quite an upgrade when compared with the base model. Though it comes equipped with the same engine and transmission (CVT), certain features available in this model aids in making every ride pleasurable for all. 

Next up is the EX-L option, which is a remarkable upgrade from the other two mentioned here. Its standard choice is a 1.5L engine but also has an optional 2L choice if one prefers to go for it. It starts from $31,676 and various packages are available that can be installed in this trim at an extra cost. 

Hybrid options (EX & EX-L)

In the mid-tier hybrid option comes the EX Hybrid and EX-L Hybrid models. The EX Hybrid starts from the price range of $31,786 and has the engine fitted to power this vehicle is a 4-cylinder 2L engine along with 2 electric motors. This powertrain is quite excellent and offers 212-hp when both engines are combined to drive. This is also one of the most sold trims of CRV worldwide. 

EX-L Hybrid variant starts from $34,376; this car comes with the same powertrain as the EX Hybrid and transmission. The major difference between these two models is a few specific features that are added to the EX-L Hybrid option. 

Touring and Touring Hybrid 

Last on this list is the high-end trims Touring and Touring Hybrid. Both these trims are ideal for driving in city and on highway. The Touring one costs $34,876 and Touring Hybrid costs $37,576. 

Depending on your choice you can choose either of these trims. Just remember that if you want to know more then you should visit Yerba Buena Honda dealership where you can get all details as well as know about the maintenance and servicing of gas models and also the hybrid ones.?

Being aware of the 2021 Honda CRV trims, it will be easier now for you to choose the correct one that will be right for you. So, book a 2021 CRV immediately!