Difference Between Property Management and Real Estate Management

difference Property management real estate

What Is Property management?

The process of handling property is property management. This property is available for rent by upholding and managing all regular actions. Property management may contain:

  • Searching tenants to occupy the area,
  • Grouping monthly rental payments,
  • Managing the property, and
  • Maintaining the grounds.

Someproperty management companies handle housing projects. It manages housing, business, and industrial property. Also, It checks flats, detached homes, apartment house units, and shopping centers. Furthermore, It involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or company.

In property management, some property brokers also work as property managers. A broker in a resort city offers clients and trading services. Once this is the case, the estate broker also lists, shows, and leases vacation rentals.

Duties of Property Management

Property managers help householders to

  • Turn out budgets,
  • Promote rental assets,
  • Qualify tenants,
  • Collect rent,
  • Match native landlord-tenant and property board laws, and
  • Maintain assets.

Some other duties of a property manager are:

  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Interior, and
  • Exterior improvement, and
  • Construction

Owners of the house pay property managers a fee or a part of the property’s rent. This fee is given to them while the property is under management.

Here could be a list of the most tasks performed by a property manager:

  • Making lease agreements
  • Collection of rent and different charges
  • Getting to the maintenance requests of clients
  • Paying the proper operating prices of the property
  • Executing property rules and regulations
  • Conjugating removal notices just in case of non-payment
  • Money reporting
  • Risk management

What is real estate?

Real estate is the property, land, buildings. It also has the air rights on top of the ground and underground rights below the ground. It is a lasting improvement linked to the earth. It may be natural or artificial. Real estate comprises water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, and bridges.

Assets are property. It differs from personal assets. The individual asset is a property that is not attached to the land. Examples include vehicles, boats, jewelry, furniture, and farm musical preparation.

Tasks of Real estate Asset Management

Real estate-quality management includes tasks such as:

  • Finding lenders and dealing with them
  • Arranging property understandings and leases in the interest of the landowner
  • Giving due determination to the buy or attitude of property
  • Deciding the worth of the property and ways to extend its value
  • Selling an asset for revenue growth.
  • Working with the leasing team to absorb any vacant area on a timely basis
  • Getting ready extended financial plans
  • Income management
  • Market Research
  • Information analysis
  • Hiring and overseeing the property manager
  • Developing capital and operating expenses budgets
  • Assessing, monitoring, and editing property finance plan

Difference between property management and real estate

Property management and real estate are two different industries with some of the similarities. Sadly, to the outsider, these are confused and lumped along. This confusion causes potential property managers to forgo a career in this business.

While each business impacts housing, that is where the similarities principally finish.

Main Differences between real estate and Project Management 

The main differences between real estate and project management are:

  • The real estate business deals with listings and marketing assets. It trades on behalf of property owners. In comparison, property management deals with all management parts of the property. They do this on behalf of the property owner, including maintenance, repairs, tenant problems, etc.
  • Real estate could be a transactional business. On the other hand, property management could be a written agreement business. The property manager and owner enter into a contract. A share of the rent collected is paid to the property manager in exchange for management services.
  • Most knowingly, the property management business remains a forceful and prosperous business. However, if we talk about the real estate market, it is commonly up and down. Once the real estate market is in a fall, some property owners address property managers to lend their place until the housing market bounces back.


Property managers and real estate agents have separate niches in the real estate business. However, the property manager may fit with the latter once a rental unit wants a renter. One would not want a property manager unless he has got rental properties. Nevertheless, most people can enlist a real broker once they deal with a place or trying to find a home to buy.

Rental Property Management is crucial to the success of owning a rental property. Real estate-quality management focuses on supporting the rental property business. However, both have changed over the years. Some businesses do not have ground-level managers, but their property managers do much work instead. As a result, students in real estate and property management are more aligned than ever.

Property managers are skilled in rent collection, financial information tracking systems, and extensive background checks. Real estate agents also have access to some of these tools. However, when they receive a commission for hiring tenants, they are no longer involved.

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