How To Develop A Good Reading Habit In Your Child?

Reading is a foundation for education and knowledge. However, today, most children prefer to play video games or watch TV instead of reading a good book. But encouraging reading habits in your child is not a big deal if you are an attentive parent. With a few tricks and some fun reading materials like personalized bookmarks, you can nurture a love of reading into your child. But you have to start from an early age. Here are some successful tips to advance reading interest in your child.

Start at Early Age

If you want to teach the real significance of reading to your child, then start reading them bedtime stories from an early age. It will help foster the love of reading in your kids, which is likely to stay forever. You can start raising a reader from the day when a newborn comes home. You may not know, but babies tend to respond to your soothing voice when you read them aloud. So, start early if you want to develop their interest in reading.

Make a Daily Habit

No matter how busy you are, take out some time to have your child read daily. Make reading part of their daily life. Set a daily routine time for reading and encourage your child to read at the set time every day. Don’t let them make excuses. Choose the time that suits you and your child the best, be it late afternoon or before bedtime. Scheduling a reading time is not enough; you have to ensure to follow it strictly. By doing so, your kid will treat reading as a necessary everyday activity.

Create a Reading Area

Make a reading space at home! Dedicate a corner of your house to daily reading sessions. Pick the right spot which is comfortable and has sufficient light to read books. Moreover, add shelves to keep your collection of books. Put a bag chair, and you can also add more artificial lights if needed. Furthermore, you can make it further cozy by adding blankets and pillows. Create a space where your child can relax and read his or her favorite book with enthusiasm. 

Make it Fun

You can make reading interesting with fun stuff like custom bookmarks. Believe it or not but personalized bookmarks can enhance the reading experience for your child. Bookmarks come in a variety of shapes and styles, and you can pick amusing ones for your kid. For example, you can choose personalized family bookmarks.?

Moreover, you may also choose a bookmark based on your child’s interest. For instance, if your child is a music-lover, you can buy music bookmarks like a piano bookmark. Or, you can choose bookmarks based on cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh bookmark. You have a plethora of choices to pick your child’s favorite bookmark. You can further make reading exciting by making connections between what your kid is reading and your kid’s own experience.

Visit Libraries

Surrounding your child with lots of books is a great way to develop their love for reading. Take your child to nearby libraries. A library is the best place to explore varieties of books and authors without incurring any cost. In fact, many libraries conduct story hours or other programs for children. You can make your kid participate in such activities. In addition, it will give your child an opportunity to discuss books with other kids. So, plan a trip to the library with your child today!

Consider their Choice 

The biggest mistake that we make is when we tell our children what to read and whatnot. Don’t make choices on behalf of your child. Instead, let your child select what he or she wants to read. Give your child liberty and time to explore and find the right book based on their interest. By allowing your toddler to choose their favorite books and authors, you elevate their interest in reading. Besides, it will also help your child to develop a sense of independence.


So, these are some of the best ways to inculcate good reading habits into your child. Apart from them, set a daily reading goal for your child and reward him or her for achieving the goal. Furthermore, along with interesting books, gift your child fun reading materials like custom family bookmarks. Most importantly, teach your kid some good reading strategies to upscale their reading skills.

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